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Insider News: An All New PCHblog Is Coming In Just Days!



Hey Blog Readers,

Since we’ve started the PCHblog, the PCHplay&win blog and the PCHSearch&Win blog we’ve heard so many great things from you fans out there… and we’ve been paying attention!

You’ve told us that you really want to win – and that you read the blog to get in on all of the action…

You’ve told us how you want to be able to understand and use our sites more easily…

You’ve told us how much you love blogs written by your favorite PCHers…

You’ve told us SO much – and we’ve listened to every word!

That’s why we’ve created an all new, just-for-you, PCHblog that puts fans like you first!

We’ve tried our best to create a new way for you to enjoy everything PCH has to offer all in one place by combining all THREE BLOGS into one “SUPERBLOG” you can enjoy without clicking away or searching for other websites. So now, it’s going to be easier than ever to find all the INSIDER TIPS you love!

And even though we won’t be updating the PCHPlay&Win blog or the PCHSearch&Win blog anymore once the new PCHblog posts next week, we promise you’ll still get all the details on those ways to win – because blog readers like you deserve to know everything that PCH has to offer!

You’re going to love how easy it is to get all the info you love on our new blog — but that’s only the beginning of all the amazing new features we’ve got waiting for you! With the new PCHblog, you’ll get easy, 1-click access to all our destinations — so you can go ahead and jump from the blog to that new lotto card – or to do your first search of the day… wherever you go in PCH, you’ll be able to get there from our brand new blog site! It’s so convenient! And there are just so many new exciting features – if I could only change one thing it would be that I have to wait to show you EVERYTHING we’ve got coming…

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t TELL you more… and as a matter of fact, I’ve saved the biggest and absolute best INSIDER NEWS for last, Blog readers! With our brand new, PCHblog, reading has its benefits, including an opportunity to WIN A MILLIONAIRE MAKING SUPERPRIZE that’s available right from our blog site!   So, when we tell you about all our ways to win, you’ll be able to enter on the spot – and that extra entry could be the one that changes your life!

So please, look out for updates over the next few days – and let me know if you’re excited about what’s coming in the brand new, just-for-you, PCHblog!

Happy Reading!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative


PCH Delivery Dash Game Designer Tells All!

PW_8_17 PCH Delivery Dash Game

Hey Gamers,

You may remember that, not too long ago, I had the pleasure of getting a behind-the-scenes interview with some of PCH’s amazing game designers. They had so many incredible details to share that I couldn’t wait to find out more… and thankfully George B. was willing to deliver the dirt on the PCH Delivery Dash Game. Take a look…

Laurel: Hey George, can you tell me a little bit about Delivery Dash and where you got the idea?

George: I’m glad you asked! Delivery Dash was a blend of classic games designed to touch on the nostalgia of a bygone era of gaming. This was the first game that I made here at PCH and I wanted to make a bit of a splash, so I utilized lots of illustrated elements, animation and action.

Laurel: You sure did make a splash! The game is amazing! My favorite part is the obstacles… can you tell me more about them? 

George: In the game, you must avoid dogs, road cones and skateboarders while trying to pick up token bags and hit your target doors. We originally had a more grown-up version of the skateboarder and there were potholes, too.

Laurel: Now that I’ve told you about my favorite part of the PCH Delivery Dash Game… tell me, what’s yours?

George: Creating Danielle was a lot of fun. I enjoyed coming up with a style to animate her that felt fresh.

Laurel: Did you draw EVERYTHING in this game by hand? 

George: Everything was drawn and animated by me from scratch. I looked at images of the Prize Patrol but other than that, it was all from my imagination.

Laurel: Are there any hidden details — like patterns or your initials hidden somewhere — that players might miss but you see every time?

George: After drawing those houses I can’t stop wishing I had drawn more because they start to feel a bit too repetitive to me. As far as hidden goodies, I did my best to keep the setting clean as to not distract from the mechanics of the game. There WAS a different hero character I animated early on, Dave, who was replaced with Danielle. He actually shows up in a few other projects that I’ve worked on since, but that’s for a different story.

Thank you so much, George! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Gamers – if you like the PCH Delivery Dash Game, let George know by commenting below – and keep playing to score lots and lots of Tokens!

Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative



Do You Love the PCH Apps? Here’s What Goes Into Creating Them!

A Behind-the-Scenes Look with Brooke O’Keefe, Associate Director, Integrated Marketing

PW_5_23_Brooke PCH Team

In the past couple of years, apps have added an exciting new dimension to Publishers Clearing House. From the PCHlotto app (iPhone/iPad , Android) to the latest and greatest – the PCH App (iPhone/iPad, Android )– fans want more ways to play and more ways to win. And PCH apps deliver that excitement anytime, anywhere.




I sat down Brooke O’Keefe, Associate Director, Integrated Marketing, for an inside look at how PCH apps come to be.

Russell: The PCH apps have been incredibly successful. How does your team make that happen?

BROOKE: We conduct extensive research, hold frequent brainstorming sessions, and coordinate with various departments within PCH so we’re always in touch with our fans’ needs and wants. The PCH apps are ever-changing, so we’re constantly innovating, introducing new games, and producing engaging, creative materials.

Russell: What things do you focus on when creating the PCH apps?

BROOKE: Essentially, we see the PCH apps as giving our fans more of what they want – games, sweepstakes, and tokens – so we offer incentives that are available only to PCH app users. For example, we might offer bonus sweepstakes entries or daily token bonuses to entice users to download and install the apps, and to keep them coming back day after day.

Russell: What do you mean by “targeting”?

BROOKE: On average, people only use about 6-10 apps on their phone, so a lot of work goes into making sure that they choose PCH apps. A main focus for us has been to differentiate our offers based on our fans’ preferences. For example, if a user plays PCHlotto on their desktop computer or mobile device, that person might receive an email from us with a special offer encouraging them to download the PCHlotto app (iPhone/iPad, Android ).

We also do a lot of testing to make sure we’re placing our offers where fans are most likely to receive and respond to them.

Russell: What else should we know about the team?

BROOKE: We spend a lot of time together and produce a tremendous amount of work, so you have to find fun whenever you can. We’re a pretty tight group and spend a lot of time laughing with each other. And of course, we enjoy the occasional happy hour together!

Thanks, Brooke. You and your team are doing awesome work!

Remember blog readers, all of the PCH apps are 100% FREE and you can download them via the App Store or the Google Play store.

Until next time, stay app’y!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Want to know more about how we do things here at PCH? Check out these other behind-the-scenes stories:



PCH Exposed: Token Game Designers Tell All!

PCH exposed_token game designers tell all

PCH Exposed : Romik S. and George B. Emerge From The Shadows To Reveal Some Token Game Truths!

Hey Blog Readers,

We know you love getting an inside look at everything PCH. So today, it’s time for some Q&A with two, beyond talented, Token Game designers that created my some of our hottest Token Games – Flight Frenzy (designed by Romik S.) and Delivery Dash  (designed by George B.) — that you can play in the Token Games tab on!

Here’s a look at what they had to say…

Laurel: So guys, what made you want to become game designers?

ROMIK:   Wow, you mean all the way back then?!? Well, I guess it started with Saturday Morning Cartoons… I always wanted to be a cartoonist or illustrator so designing games just made sense!

GEORGE: For me, it was comic books! I even majored in comic art in college – but games are just more fun!

Laurel: Well, I’m glad you both decided to create a cool Token game for PCH with those skills! And speaking of PCH – can you tell me what you enjoy most about working on games here?

ROMIK: I enjoy working with a team that has a similar background to my own — people who are there through successes and fails, pushing toward the same objective and having fun doing it. I was also very thankful to have Nicholas T. on my team, helping to develop the finished product into something remarkable.

GEORGE: I agree with Romik, it’s our collaborative environment that makes our games a success –everyone here shares their opinions and helps each project to reach its ultimate potential. And, on a personal note, my favorite part of the job is animating – I like watching my work come to life!

Laurel: That’s great guys, it sounds like you had as much fun developing these games as we do playing them! But, since this is called, “PCH Exposed,” I have to ask… what did you find most challenging?

ROMIK: Oh, that’s a tough one. But I have to say “Time”… there’s just never enough time…

GEORGE: It’s true – there’s always a clock we’re trying to beat…

Laurel: Wow, these Minute Mania games had you guys racing against the clock just like our fans! And speaking of our fans, are there any “Easter Eggs” or hidden surprises in your games they can look out for next time they play?

ROMIK & GEORGE (excitedly): COWS!

ROMIK: What’s that quote from Christopher Walken on SNL… “I need more cowbell!”? We try to get a cow in whenever we can – and you can find some in Flight Frenzy for sure!

GEORGE:   We couldn’t quite get a cow to fit in to the suburb of Delivery Dash, but a fun fact is that it’s based on an old arcade game.

Laurel: Ohh, I wonder if our readers will be able to guess what it is…

Thanks so much to Romik S. and George B. for taking the time to answer some questions! Flight Frenzy and Delivery Dash are so much fun – and these guys are such incredible Token Game designers! I can’t wait to hear what you fans think!

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

P.S. In order to get more details of PCH exposed, I asked the guys for a hint of what’s to come… they said to look out for more classics and card games – coming soon!


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