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What Are PCH Tokens?

PCH is all about WINNING (just ask anyone who’s ever won or any of our millions of fans)! Scoring PCH Tokens is an easy way to give yourself the chance to win prizes (more on this below), and there are so many ways to get them! If you’re new to PCH, I’m here to help you dive into the world of Tokens! They’re easy to acquire and can add tons of fun to your PCH experience!

Let’s get started by watching this cool video for more info on what PCH Tokens are!


_PCH Tokens

So what are PCH Tokens? They’re our way of showing you that your participation on our websites isn’t going unnoticed. PLUS, you can earn them on quite a few PCH sites!

Now that you know what PCH Tokens are, how do you score them? That’s easy! You score them from playing at PCHgames  (our games are ALWAYS FREE!) … searching the Internet with PCHSearch&Win … completing surveys at … completing your Lotto cards at PCHlotto … enjoying PCH videos … even clicking through some PCH emails! That’s a whole lot of ways to get your hands on Tokens. Then here’s the best part: you can trade them in at the PCHRewards Token Exchange to go for incredible prizes like cash, gift cards, cool tech toys and MORE! Let’s put this in perspective: Scoring Tokens is fast, fun and free!


What Are PCH Tokens?

Now, our PCH fans and friends sure do love scoring tokens, and you’ve told us about some of your favorite ways to earn them. So many of you love to score tokens is from playing games  like Mahjongg Dimensions and Tri-Peaks Solitaire. PCH gamers also love playing all their cards at PCHlotto to bank some MORE! Not sure where you should start collecting Tokens? Try searching for summer vacations, recipes, weather and more at PCHSearch&Win. I can’t stress enough how easy it is!

Racking up PCH Tokens can be done at home on your computer or on the go if you have a phone or tablet! Tokens are a fun way to give yourself a chance to win all kinds of prizes from PCH. They not only give you bragging rights among your friends — some people have scored TENS OF MILLIONS of tokens — but they give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re “in it to win it”! After all, you can’t win if you aren’t participating!


PCH Token Games

Good Luck,

Nick C.
PCH Creative

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Play 52 Pickup to Pick Up Tons of Tokens

PCH Card games

Hey, PCH fans! Have you tried 52-Card Pickup at the games tab at It’s incredibly fun and even requires a little bit of strategy. PLUS, it’s one of our most fun token games – allowing you to score tokens every time you play. It’s that easy! You simply click a card one number higher, lower, or the same as the card that is at the top of the deck to remove the pile from the table. I’ll give you an example … If I pick a King, I would either have to look for an Ace, a Queen, or another King. Then keep doing that until there are no more cards left. But 52 Pickup is tricky! You have a set time (2 minutes!) to get through the entire deck of cards.

PCH Card game

I like to start with an Ace or a King, then go in order through the entire deck. I’ve tried everything, trust me, but going from Ace to King or King to Ace without skipping a number seems to work best. At the games tab at, 52 Pickup gives you the opportunity to score tokens that can be used at the PCHRewards Token Exchange to enter to win exciting prizes from gift cards to tech toys.

52 Pickup

And when 52 Pickup is the tournament game of the day, you’re in for some serious fun. Play all day and you can rack up tons of tokens and even win CASH! You can also play as many times as you want! If you don’t have an account, take a minute to sign up today! PCH token games are always free and you can get started the second your account is activated. You do want to score tokens fast, right? Get ready … those two minutes go by much quicker than you think! If you want to score tons of tokens instantly, 52 Pickup could be your new go-to game! We hope to see you at the top of our leaderboard!

PCH Token Leaderboard

Good luck,

Nick C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Think you have what it takes to be one of our all-time 52 Pickup scorers? Share your tips below for those who’ve never played 52 pickup before.

P.P.S. Today is #WinnerWednesday! My colleague Debbie’s blog features real people who have won PCH prizes – check it out now! 

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A Perfect Fit: Online Jigsaw Puzzles at Games and YOU!

online jigsaw puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good online jigsaw puzzle?

The fact is, with the dawn of the digital age, many adults aren’t reaching far beyond their computers and smart devices for classic games (like jigsaw puzzles!) that we all enjoyed as kids. But now, this beloved strategy game is online at Games, and ready to play from your desktop, unlimited and for free.

Alas! Together again in a puzzle-piece-fitting frenzy, you relive the fun days of your youth with online jigsaw puzzles anytime you want.

And with all the benefits that jigsaw puzzles offer, why not enjoy a game? For one, it helps build problem-solving skills, which let’s face it — we all need in our day-to-day lives.

But did you know that some scientists believe that playing the kinds of strategy games like online jigsaw puzzles is good for your mental health and can even help ward off Alzheimer’s, Dementia and memory loss?

SO, this FUN pastime is actually a relaxing, challenging way to keep your mind fresh and energized — where do I sign up?

Go to Games — if you don’t have an account, please create one (it’s 100% secure and painlessly fast, I promise you!) — then, head over to the “strategy games” and give Jigsaw Puzzle a try.

And while you’re there, here are some helpful tips to solving the puzzle:

  • Start with the edges! Look for the corners and work your way around. If you need a helping hand, you can go into the main menu at the bottom and select “show edges.” This will hide all the middle pieces, so you have a better view of “the frame.”
  • Separate the pieces using colors and patterns. If they look similar, group them together.
  • Listen for the sound of victory! That’s what I love about jigsaw puzzles — there’s only 1 right answer. One piece that fits. So, when you hear the pieces “click,” you know you’ve done good!

And, of course, a great perk about playing online — you’ll never lose another puzzle piece again!

Good luck!

Nicole T.
PCH Creative


Games are a great way to wind down after a long day. Or better yet, start your day off with some breakfast and a quick game. What time of the day do you like to play? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Visit our new Slots tab and SPIN TO WIN!

Hello, my dear PCH gamers!

Guess what? We’ve just added a whole new “wing” to our
homepage – with lots of exciting, free-to-play Slots games we know you’ll love!

So log on, click the Slots tab and look our fabulous slots games over – then spin for a chance to win!

Hey, you won’t want to miss this one … the unique PRIZE PATROL PARTY slots game:


Slots games

When you “spin up” three Party Van Bonus symbols for the first time each day, you’ll earn a chance to win some cool cash!

Or, how about stepping back in time to play our ’20s-themed ROARIN’ SEVENS?


_Free PCH Slots Games

With all the bright lights, glamor and glitz of an old-time casino, Roarin’ Sevens just might be our classiest Slots game yet!

And yee-hah!, friends: you’d be plum crazy to pass by our FRONTIER FORTUNES slots “machine”! Spin the reels and rack up golden tokens while enjoying the sights and sounds of your favorite old Hollywood western – and it’s free to play, too!

PW_7_15_Free Slots Game

And then you’ve GOT to try Gold Rush Heaven’s SevensPoseidon’s Palace and more awesome games – all conveniently reached through the “Slots” tab at the top of the homepage!

Rest assured, there are NO “one armed bandits” here … ALL our amazing games are 100% free to play.

I hope you’ll try our new Slots tab at It’s the most fun you can enjoy any time, anywhere – and who knows – you just might pull the Spin That Wins!

Have fun!

PCH Creative

P.S. What kind of drink would you celebrate with if you won the big PCH SuperPrize? Would it be milk, juice … or something perhaps a little stronger, shall we say? Read my friend Dillon’s blog – I’m sure you’ll want to comment!

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