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Win Big With The PCHlotto Black Friday Event!


Hey Blog Readers,

With the holidays right around the corner and shopping season going into full swing, this would be the best time of year to win some extra spending cash, wouldn’t it? That’s why PCHlotto wants to spread some holiday cheer – and more ways to win — with the $1,000.00 Black Friday Event!

This new event is the ultimate way to bring home some extra cash for the holidays! Now, for those of you who don’t know, playing at PCHlotto any day of the week could win you a big cash win, BUT, during the PCHlotto $1,000.00 Black Friday Event, things get even better with…

Instant Win $1,000.00 Scratch Cards During Daytime Lotto and PCHlotto Twilight (after 5PM, ET)!

Over $15,000.00 In Prizes That Are Guaranteed To Be Awarded All Week Long!

Big Token Payouts For Playing Our Exclusive Scratch Cards!

Multiple Cash Winners Every Single Day & So Much More!

There will definitely be winners every day between 11/15-11/22, so make sure you find time to play every chance you get… And, since you’re part of the “blog family,” here’s an important INSIDER TIP I don’t want you to miss…

Cash winners will only be found on our desktop website and the PCHlotto App (Android/Apple). You can still play on our Mobile website, but Mobile Website players will only get Token Rewards for this Black Friday Event, not cash prizes. We do this to add even more excitement to our App and Desktop experience, with the hope that players like you will come back for more! Don’t know the difference between a mobile website and an app? Here’s an easy way to tell which one you’re using:

You’re on the PCHlotto mobile website if you’re on your phone and opening the internet to play – either by typing in or searching “PCHlotto” and clicking on a link.

You’re in the PCHlotto App if you’re on a phone, but instead of opening the internet, you either open your app store and download the app or click on the app icon to open it (the icon looks like this):



Remember, no matter how you play PCHlotto, you can always score lots of Tokens and lots of ways to win, so make sure you play every chance you get!

And speaking of Tokens, if you aren’t playing on the App, now’s a good time to get it because not only do you get a 25,000 Token Reward just for downloading BUT every play gets you 2X Tokens you won’t find on our sites!

So, if you want to win some extra spending cash, just in time for the holidays, make sure you play your PCHlotto Black Friday  Instant Win Scratch Cards during our PCHlotto $1,000.00 Black Friday Event!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Have You Played Free PCHLotto Today?

Did you know that Americans spent more money on lottery tickets – $70.15 billion in 2014 – then they did on sports tickets, books, video games, movies, and music – COMBINED!!!

So why is it that so many people still (wrongly) believe that lotto has to be pay-to-play? It simply isn’t true! Perhaps that’s why smart people play PCHLotto. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to win millions without spending a penny?

Every day, PCHLotto is 100 percent FREE to PLAY, offers dozens of chances to win cash – including a daily shot at $1,000,000 – and features the PowerPrize, PCHLotto’s biggest jackpot ever!

Check out the chart below to see how PCHLotto stacks up against state lotteries.


Plus, state lotteries charge $1 and upward per lotto card, so just think about how much it would cost to take advantage of all of the PCHLotto cards if we charged fees. The cost of winning would add up pretty quickly. And isn’t that money better off in your pocket? Fortunately, there’s never a fee to play PCHlotto!

So take advantage of all the free chances to win with PCHLotto– daytime and twilight, desktop computer and mobile device, and the PCHLotto app on iPhone/iPad and Android.

Here’s hoping the balls bounce your way,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

We’re Looking For A PCHlotto PowerPrize Winner… Interested?


Hey Gamers,

In just two days, we’ll have our weekly drawing for our PCHlotto PowerPrize Jackpot! Have you been playing? If not, it’s time to get your numbers in!

Here’s how it works –

The PowerPrize could make you a multi-millionaire with a Jackpot that grows in size every week!

Just pick 8 numbers (or Quick Pick!)

Then pick your POWER NUMBER

And you’re in it to win it!

But don’t just settle for one entry… keep going! If you play all your cards on desktop, on mobile and in the app every single day, you’ll get TWELVE entries in all – and any one of them could make you a PowerPrize WINNER!

What’s more is that your Power Number could win you INSTANT CASH, too! Just keep playing at PCHlotto to go for thousands of dollars in prizes with the POWER NUMBER MATCH GAME! It’s the most exciting Instant Win game we’ve created yet!

And here’s an insider tip you don’t want to miss: Since the PCHlotto PowerPrize is a weekly drawing, you’ll want to make sure you choose at least one different number every time you play throughout the week – that way you can get the most ways to win – and won’t have the same exact numbers going in to one drawing!

Play lots, play like you mean it, and this Wednesday we could be planning on coming to your door with the flowers, the balloons, the big check and almost $3 Million for you and your family to enjoy! Sounds good, doesn’t it?!?

Comment below and let me know the answer to this one important question: Are you interested in winning the PCHlotto PowerPrize?

And keep playing at PCHlotto on your desktop, mobile phone and in the app every chance you get!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Wondering who’s winning at PCHlotto? Check out our Winners Tab – and keep playing because our next winner could be YOU!

Making More Players Winners With PCHlotto Partial Wins!


Hello, PCH Friends! Have you ever wondered what happens if you don’t hit the big Jackpot at PCHlotto? If you could still win? Well the answer is YES with PCHlotto Partial Wins! Up to 200,000 TOKENS and HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS can be yours by matching numbers when you play your PCHlotto cards, including the new Power Prize and Life Is Rich millionaire-making games. You’ll be emailed the very next day if you’ve matched numbers. Then you can claim a big Reward! But how does it all work? Let me fill you in…

Partial Wins

It’s ALL About Matching! Just one number matched can earn you tokens. And the more numbers you match, the more significant your earnings. Can you dramatically increase your token bank? YES! Match your Power Number and we’ll DOUBLE the Tokens you score. Think of the Power Number as a Token Multiplier because, when it comes to Partial Wins, that’s what it is! Can you imagine banking THOUSANDS of Tokens from that perfect match? Then so many more prize opportunities would be available for you in the PCHRewards Token Exchange. That’s where you can redeem your tokens for entries to win amazing prizes.


PCH Lotto

PCH fans and friends, don’t waste another minute of your time and money playing the lottery. At PCHlotto, ALWAYS-Free-to-Play Cash and Tokens are up for grabs every day! It won’t cost you a single penny (how’s that for free fun) – and with PCHlotto Partial Wins, you can still win something even if you don’t match all the numbers!


PW_08_22_PCH Lotto Card

Why not get in a little playtime right now at PCHlotto . And if you match numbers, we’ll send out an email notification so you know super-fast if you’re a winner! THAT’S how PCHlotto Partial Wins can work for you!

All the best,

Nick C.
PCH Creative

PS: What’s your strategy for matching numbers? Do you have go-to numbers? Do you play numbers in your birthday or an anniversary? Tell us in the comments below — after, of course, you’re done playing!

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