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Heartiest congrats to all our October PCH prize winners!

Yep, all October long, smart people came to our PCH “web” of ways to win — and raked in LOTS of cool PCH Prizes. They found out about all the fun, relaxing, totally Free ways we’ve lined up to “go for the gold” — meaning instant prizes, including cash, gift cards and high-end merchandise.

So let’s give our October winners a hand and see just where they played and what they won:

The Games tab at


Here’s where our October winners found some of the most fast-paced, challenging FREE games out there, like Minute Mania, Klondike Solitaire and Mahjongg™ Dimensions, just to name a few. Enjoy your PCH instant prizes, winners!

Janet M.          Burke VA                    $25 Cash

Kelley L.          Kimberly AL               $10 Cash

Janet G.           Columbus OH            $10 Cash

Percy B.          Chicago IL                  $10 Cash

Amanda W.    Bartlesville OK           $10 Cash

Lauren D.       Bakersfield CA           $10 Cash

Bud T.             Denver CO                 $10 Cash

Carolyn P.       Seaford NY                 $10 Cash

Phyllis W.       Corinth ME                $10 Cash

Michele H.      New Hartford NY      $10 Cash


PCHlotto winners flocked here to pick their lucky numbers – and go for the PowerPrize with a Power Number that could claim the largest jackpot ever! A toast to YOU, October winners!

Patrick B.                    Midland MI                $100 Cash
Denise C.                    Los Angeles CA          $10 Cash

Mark S.                       New Lenox IL             $100 Cash

Frank R.                      Woodward OK           $10 Cash

Steve N.                      Pleasanton CA           $50 Cash

Anthony S.                  Loveland OH              $100 Cash

William R.                   Elkland MO                $100 Cash

Gwendolyn P.             Penns Grove NJ         $100 Cash

Hope M.                      Philadelphia PA         $100 Cash

Isaac C.                       Winter Park FL          $100 Cash
Terra W.                     Olive Branch MS        $100 Cash

Patricia M.                  Altoona PA                 $10 Cash

Deanna B.                   West Valley UT          $50 Cash

Bruce S.                      Hatfield PA                 $100 Cash


The PCH App for both iPhone/iPad and Android



The PCH App lets you take all the games, fun and winning opportunities of with you, to enjoy right on your phone or tablet and go for instant PCH prizes.

These lucky friends gave The PCH App a try and came away winners. Attaboy/Attagirl, October winners!

Clara R.                       Athens TX                  $50 Cash
Tina M.                       Honea Path SC           $10 Amazon Gift Card

Kenny V.                     Festus MI                   $10 Amazon Gift Card

Kelly B.                       Prescott Valley AZ     $5 Amazon Gift Card

Deborah M.                Payson AZ                  $5 Amazon Gift Card
Luis B.                         Shreveport LA           $5 Amazon Gift Card

Lana H.                       Gastonia NC               $100 Cash

Juan A.                       Canoga Park CA         $5 Amazon Gift Card

Lauren P.                    Sarasota FL                $10 Amazon Gift Card
Sharon L.                    Columbus IN              $5 Amazon Gift Card

Yarisma M.                 Homestead FL            $10 Amazon Gift Card

Lashonne T.               Fitchburg WI             $5 Amazon Gift Card




PCHfrontpage  is a brilliant combination of news and current events plus the Rewards friends like you deserve and exciting Prize opportunities, too. Our October Frontpage winners below are really glad they paid a visit … congrats to you all!

Carolyn L.                   Benbrook TX              $10 Amazon Gift Card

Toccarra L.                 Byrnes Mill MO          $50 Amazon Gift Card

Alberto B.                   Lake Worth FL           $10 Amazon Gift Card

Linda R.                      Roseville CA            $25 Amazon Gift Card

Jeanine M.                  Alto TX                  $10 Amazon Gift Card

Annabelle A.               Spring Hill TN            $25 Amazon Gift Card

Ron J.                          Chicago IL            $10 Amazon Gift Card

Elizabeth V.                Leesburg FL               $50 Amazon Gift Card

Tracy P.                      Winneconne WI        $10 Amazon Gift Card

Lawrence R.               New London NH        $10 Amazon Gift Card

Juan Q.                       Houston TX               $10 Amazon Gift Card

Scott F.                        Antelope CA            $25 Amazon Gift Card




Our savvy PCHSearch&Win winners knew that when they searched the Web with us, they’d be entered to win a Free instant prize. And guess what — that’s just what happened! Take a bow, October winners!

Mary C.                       Pueblo West CO        $500 Cash

John H.                        Tallahassee FL           $75 Cash

Curtis F.                      Hackensack NJ           $500 Dell Gift Card

Glen M.                       Fort Worth TX           $5 Amazon Gift Card

Gina H.                        Accokeek MD             $5 Cash

Robert B.                    Stanwood MI             $10 Cash

April L.                        Volcano HI              $100 Cash

Mark B.                       Columbia MD             $50 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card

William B.                   Duncan SC                $100 Cash

Gail A.                          Escondido CA            $50 Cabela’s Gift Card

Whew … there are so many opportunities to win instant prizes from Publishers Clearing House — so c’mon, join the party of real-live PCH winners! Take a few minutes to check out all our ways to play – and your name could appear in lights (or at least, in this Blog!) next month!

Have fun!

Your pal,
Publishers Clearing House

Many September PCH Token Exchange Winners “Cashed In”!


Hello, PCH Fans from All Parts of the Country!

When I get my hands on our latest list of monthly winners, I love seeing where everyone is from! Our winners come from all over the country – from Texas to New York, Minnesota to California, and everywhere in-between! And the prizes are interesting too! We have giveaways for gift cards, tablets, TVs, and even cold hard cash! I guess you could say that many of our winners “cash in” their tokens for chances to win real deal money!

That’s right! Real People Really Win, so say congrats to someone below in our list of SEPTEMBER 2016 TOKEN EXCHANGE WINNERS … and take a look at all the cool places they come from!


Wondering how these folks all came to win? Well first, they racked up tokens by playing games and having fun at our entertainment sites like, PCHsearch&win and PCHlotto. Then, they visited the PCH Token Exchange, where they redeemed them for chances to win cool prizes. Pretty simple, right?

Do YOU want to be on a future PCH Token Exchange winners list? Just play and earn tokens whenever you can, and then exchange those tokens for a chance to win exciting prizes at the famous PCH Token Exchange! Best of Luck!

Matt K.
PCH Creative


P.S. Are you hungry? My colleague Victoria has a delicious October recipe posted on today’s PCHSearch&Win blog!  Check it out!


Does PCH Have Real Winners? You Know It!

Here’s a look at our “Month In Winning” highlights!




Hey, Gamers,

In the past, I’ve seen some posts and replies on the blog and on Facebook that have asked the question, ”Does PCH Have Real Winners?”, and I want to answer each and every one of you with a resounding, “YES!”

We’ve got winners like crazy – if I listed them all, I bet I’d fill 40 football fields! That’s why we do these month in winning recaps, to remind you that we’ve got winners – and we’re making more – every chance we get!

Here’s a look at some of the highlights…

PCHfrontpage – The Homepage For Winners – lived up to its tagline with a huge list of September winners that we can’t wait to congratulate!

Anna S. of Linden, NJ CASH WINNER


James N. of Saint Petersburg, FL CASH WINNER

Vic G. of Hays, KS CASH WINNER

Rainer B. of Germantown, MD CASH WINNER

Michael H. of San Bernardino, CA CASH WINNER

… and the list goes on and on…


Over at PCHSearch&Win, these folks won big just for searching the web…



Martin W. of Orange Beach, AL TARGET GIFT CARD WINNER

Michelle E. of Laurel Springs, NJ DELL GIFT CARD WINNER


Esther T. of Page, AZ CASH WINNER

Paula P. of Coeur D’Alene, ID CASH WINNER

… and that’s just the beginning…


Still asking, “Does PCH Have Real Winners?” – well, this list of players who scored cash prizes on the Games tab on  just might change your mind…

Dave N. of Anchorage, AK CASH WINNER

Willie H. Sr. of St Louis, MO CASH WINNER

Nancy D. of Bay, AR CASH WINNER

Richard S. of Fairfax, VA CASH WINNER

Georgina G. of San Antonio, TX CASH WINNER

…and the winning hasn’t stopped…


Now on to PCHlotto , where there are winners every day, and we’ve got a list to prove it…

Sherri S. of Hurricane, WV CASH WINNER

Lynette B. of Ozark, AR CASH WINNER

Joffree C. of Apple Valley, CA CASH WINNER

Mayola L. of Boonville, IN CASH WINNER

Jason S. of Waipahu, HI CASH WINNER

Angel M. of Orange, CA CASH WINNER

Robin B. of Bonita Springs, FL CASH WINNER

… that’s just the “tip of the lotto ball” …


And on the PCHPlay&Win App (Apple/Android), we’ve got even more big winners!

Ozdemir H. of Chicago, IL CASH WINNER

William G. of Oil City, PA CASH WINNER



Tonya K. of Glenrock, WY CASH WINNER

So, if you’ve been asking, “Does PCH Have Real Winners?” , I hope you realize just how many there are… Please, comment below if you’d like to say, congratulations! And remember, September’s not over yet, so if your name’s not on the list, or it is and you want to win again, make sure you go for it now!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Who’s Winning At PCH Games This August? Let’s Give Them A Hand!

Here at Publishers Clearing House, we’re best known for our BIG Sweepstakes prizes, like the millionaire-making fortune the Prize Patrol will definitely be awarding THIS WEEK.  But, the truth is, we award prizes within the PCH network, ALL THE TIME. Let’s see who’s winning at PCH this August and GIVE OUR PCH WINNERS A HAND!

PCH Winners

As of this writing, 436 winners have won over $52,000 in cash and prizes this August so far. And that number will keep going up, up, up! So let’s hear it for our PCH winners who know you need to be IN it to WIN it, like Rhonda D. of Missouri, who won $750 on the slots tab on just in time for back-to-school. I was very pleased to know I had won! It will help with my school shopping, she exclaimed!

Heres Our August 2016 Month In Winning:

The Games Tab At
These gamers won cash by playing FREE games at!

Diana R.                     Columbus, OH                       $25 Cash

Kenneth M.                Jacksonville, FL                    $10 Cash

Cynthia L.                   Tempe, AZ                             $10 Cash

Ronald S.                   Corapolis, PA                          $10 Cash


The Slots Tab At

These winners know the best slots can be played FOR FREE at

Daniel O.                   Bear Lake, MI                         $3,000 Cash

Rhonda D.                 Poplar Bluff, MO                   $750 Cash

Deborah R.                Thibodaux, LA                      $10 Cash

Joy G.                          Oregon City, OR                   $10 Cash

Irene E.                      Pembroke Pines, FL             $10 Cash

Gene H.                      Dayton, NV                            $10 Cash

David N.                     New Britain, CT                     $10 Cash

Nancy K.                     Ashtabula, OH                        $25 Cash


PCH Lotto

These winners know that the best lotto-style cards are FREE cards at PCHlotto – daytime AND Twilight!

Charles P.                  Clemmons, NC                          $100 Cash

Robert B.                    Wolverine, MI                         $100 Cash

Angie M.                    Wapello, IA                              $50 Cash

Patty L.                        Cincinnati, OH                      $100 Cash

Judith H.                    Thornville, OH                       $100 Cash

Richard D.                  Burns, OR                               $100 Cash

Maxine G.                  Elyria, OH                               $100 Cash

Mindy R.                     Tulsa, OK                               $50 Cash


PCH Frontpage
They know the best place to get news you can use and win prizes, too!

Cynthia A.                  Buxton, ME                            $25 Gift Card

Hazel L.                      Memphis, TN                         $500 Cash

Ray N.                         Osceola, IA                            $50 Cash

Gary M.                       West Bend, WI                     $50 Gift Card

Branden C.                 Fayetteville, NC                    $25 Gift Card

Jill N.                          Edmonds, WA                       $50 Gift Card

Philip D.                     Allen Park, MI                       $50 Gift Card

John N.                       Debary, FL                             $20 Cash



They searched the web and scored great instant prizes!

Bobbe R.                    Plainview, NY                         $100 Cash

Lynn G.                       Metairie, LA                           $25 Gift Card

Frances S.                  Chicopee, MA                         $500 Cash

Laura E.                      Corinth, TX                             $25 Walmart Gift Card

Dominic S.                 Fayetteville, NC                     $250 Gift Card

Deborah R.                Syracuse, NY                           $500 Walmart Gift Card

Mike S.                      Brooklyn Park, MN                 $500 Walmart Gift Card

Julie S.                  Clearwater, FL                              $75 Cash

Georgina B.               Margate, FL                              $250 Cash



PCH Rewards
They scored tokens, and then redeemed them for chances to win prizes!

Margaret G.               Moberly, MO                         $10 Gift Card

Leticia B.                    Schenectady, NY                   $5 Gift Card

Peggy P.                      Topeka, KS                             $5 Gift Card

Katrina R.                   Buckeye, AZ                           $5 Gift Card

Elizabeth P.               Philadelphia, PA                  $5 Gift Card

Troy N.                      Orlando, FL                            $10 Gift Card



PCH Play & Win App:

These winners downloaded the PCH Play & Win App and won for FREE!

Jimmie W.                 Chandler, AZ                         $50 Cash

Harley J.                     Lake Havasu City, AZ         $50 Cash

Elaine F.                    Islip, NY                                 $100 Cash

Doyle K.                      Acworth, GA                         $100 Cash

Belinda M.                Jacksonville, FL                    $50 Cash

Raymond C.               Allentown, PA                      $50 Cash

Scott S.                       Lincoln, ME                            $100 Cash

So, if you’ve wondered who’s winning at PCH this August, these are some of our lucky winners! Way to go! Readers, you’ll want to give the sites above a try if you haven’t yet. After all, You never know when you could win … and we could be giving YOU a hand!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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