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Spin the $500.00 Wheel Of Winning at PCHslots!!!

Have you checked out PCHslots yet and taken a spin of the $500.00 Wheel of Winning? PCHslots brings you some of the best Vegas-style slots available online, for FREE, anywhere!12_7_pch-slots

Every day at Publishers Clearing House is spent discovering new ways to live up to our mission – to entertain, inspire, and delight with winning opportunities, games, and compelling offers! One of the best ways to do that is to listen to YOU – our loyal fans and friends who not only enter the SuperPrize every day, but also take the time to write to us and tell us what they love about the PCH online experience.

Two of the most frequent requests are “more ways to win” and “more chances to win cash.” OK – you wanted it, so now you’ve got it!


PCHslots gives you plenty of ways to win and lots of chances to do so, including the $500.00 Wheel of Winning instant-win game. Every time you complete seven (7) gameplays, you’ll unlock the $500.00 Wheel of Winning! And PCH makes getting started on your way to the Wheel of Winning even easier with daily CASH tournaments. By the time you finish the daily cash tournament, you’ll have unlocked the $500.00 Wheel of Winning! Then, keep playing PCHslots for more chances to spin the $500.00 Wheel of Winning.




Why is it that we love playing slots so much? For the most part, slots are a “brain vacation.” They let us clear our minds of grown-up worries, require no card counting or complex calculations, and are simply fun! All it requires from the player is to just roll with it.

And the proposition is even better with PCHslots! Why?

  • There’s no cost to play and every opportunity to win!
  • Play anytime, anywhere, without having to wait for an open machine. PCHslots are always open!
  • PCHslots make your sense come alive with amazing graphics and imaginative games!
  • PCHslots let you indulge your dreams of winning BIG!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to PCHslots and get playing so you can unlock the $500.00 Wheel of Winning!

Here’s hoping you have some “reel” fun,

Russell S.
PCH Creative


There’s A LOT over at PCHSlots! Find Your Favorite!


Want to know a pet peeve of mine? No, I’m not talking about chewing food loudly!

Here’s my pet peeve — it’s always such a shame when I finish a computer game, or a game on my phone, and then… I’m unsure of what game to play next! I’m constantly thinking to myself, “Where do I go from here?” “What game do I play now?” “Can I find a game similar to this one I just played?” “I had such a fun time playing this exact game… I don’t want it to be over! BORING!”

Well, for those of you who share the same pet peeve as me, there’s good news for you… you could head over to PCHSlots now, and play as many games as you’d like, and you’ll never get bored! PCHSlots has a wide variety of so many free-to-play slot machine games, with all different themes… just waiting to be played by people like you!

Now, we’re sure you’re curious of all the different slots machine games PCHSlots has to offer… so, let us fill you in on all that’s going on over there… then, you could let us know which PCHSlots game was YOUR favorite… right in the comments section!

At the PCHSlots tab, you’ll find:

Secrets of Egypt- The greatest secret you could uncover today is your expertise at this PCH Slots tournament! Will you uncover instant prizes by playing today?

Wild West Winnings Are you the best in the West? Prove you’re the Sherriff of slots by playing this PCHSlots game!

Wild Cherries Playing is sweet… Winning would be sweeter! Play in this PCHSlots tournament for your shot at a sweet deal: instant prizes!

Slots Of Gold This could be your golden opportunity to win. Play this PCHSlots game and you could soon be living the life of riches!

Pharaoh’s FortunePlay this PCHSlots tournament and you could be the fortunate one to acquire this Pharaoh’s Fortune!

Cha Ching Bling – Play this PCHSlots game and CHA CHING– instant cash could be your thing!

 Aztec Temple Treasures Will you acquire treasures by playing this game of PCHSlots today?

See what I’m talking about? At PCHSlots, the variety of slot machine games is impressive! There are so many great options, boredom simply isn’t one of them.

So, with so many free to play slot machine games to choose from, we’re wondering… which one is your favorite? Go over to the PCHSlots tab to play now, then let us know in the comments section below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

Play PCH’s FREE Vegas-Style Slots for Fun and Fortune

If you enjoy playing the real Vegas-style slots that reign as the most popular casino game in the world, then you’re going to love the Vegas-style slots delivered by PCHslots. Gone are the time and trouble of traveling to a casino and the possibility of someone hogging your favorite machine. In fact, PCHslots is likely to make your computer and/or mobile device your favorite machine.

Our sweet suite of Vegas-style slots serves up the best slots games for fun, for FREE, and, possibly, for profit! The top scorer in the daily Lucky Number Slots Tournament pockets a $100 CASH prize, and all players get a shot at more than $10,000 CASH instantly and other amazing cash prizes and token bonuses. Plus, progressive instant-win jackpots increase throughout the tournament games from $250 all the way up to $5,000 CASH!

Vegas Style Slots

Each slots game gives you the look and action of a real Vegas-style machine. Proudly featured in each game is the iconic PCH Prize Patrol van, plus points payouts that require you to make matches from:

  • Magic 2s – five-reel “fruit machine” fun with watermelons, lemons, strawberries, oranges, and plums
  • Fortune 4s – three reels of fours and bars
  • High 5s – five reels with smiley faces, thumbs up, hand claps, baseball hats, cheerleading gear, and pennants
  • Slammin’ 7s – three reels of lucky 7s and even more bars
  • Lucky 8s – five reels celebrating all things lucky, including shamrocks, leprechauns (and their top hats), shooting stars, wishbones, horseshoes, rainbows, pots o’gold, and rabbit’s feet
  • Perfect 10s – three reels of cherries, poker chips, playing cards, and dice
  • 14 Karats Club – five reels of gems, bowties, poker chips, dice, crowns, top hats, and gold bullion

Complete the daily tournament games and take a spin of the $500.00 Wheel of Winning to earn 5X the tokens!

Vegas-Style Slots at PCH

So if you want the excitement of Vegas-style slots but the convenience of playing from the comfort of your own home, give PCHslots a try today! You’re sure to be entertained and could win lots of cash!

Happy gaming,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. What is the only item (other than the Prize Patrol van) in the tournament slots games that features a PCH logo? Give us your answer below!

PCHslots Has MORE Free Slots For You!


Hey Gamers,

We know you love free slots! That’s why PCHslots  is proud to introduce six brand new slot games that could score you big-time Tokens!

And to celebrate their introduction, I’ve got a Digit Diva’s pop quiz to help determine which new slots could be the most fun for you! Ready?!?

Answer the questions below and let me know if the free slots you wind up with match your PCHslots style…

Digit Diva’s PCHSlots Personality Quiz

1) If you got $500 for free today – and you had to SPEND it — would you:

 a) Go buy some new jewelry – because diamonds are everybody’s best friend.

 b) Go get the newest, hottest hair style – because updating your look is fun.

 c) Go pick up some new-to-you antiques – because you love making old things new again.

2) Your boss requires you to attend a meeting inside the local museum. You get there early. Do you…

a) Tour the gift shop looking for shiny things?

b) Look forward to seeing the abstract art?

c)   Spend your time looking at the artifacts and fossils?

3) You’re creating a scrapbook. Which 3 items are a MUST?

a) Glitter, gems and beads.

b) Feathers, felt and WINE.

c) Photos of ancestors, cutouts of words and tiny little hearts

4) It’s party time and you MUST accessorize! What are you wearing?

a) Diamond earrings and sequin shoes.

b) A feather boa and 80s wristbands.

c) A ring with a lucky stone and moccasins.

5) Gardening is…

a) Not shopping – which is my passion.

b) Great! I love getting my hands dirty.

c) Pointless. I’d rather buy fruit and go metal detecting.

Mostly As: You love glitz, glam and pizazz! Your friends all envy your style and even though you’ve never said it, your secret motto is “never say no to more sparkle!” Your love of life and warm personality shine even brighter than your jewelry — and that’s why your favorite new PCHslots are sure to be Cha-Ching Bling & Slots Of Gold! Go ahead, give them a spin… and let me know how many Tokens you score!

Mostly Bs: That song “Born To Be Wild” is your anthem. You love a good time, don’t stop at “no” and are the one friend everyone calls because they know you’ll be ready for anything! That’s why, your favorite new PCHslots are sure to be Wild Cherries and Wild West Winnings – because if anyone can tame these wild reels, it’s sure to be someone like you!

Mostly Cs: To you, getting “crazy” is going to a party and sneaking a peek in someone else’s medicine chest… just to see if they take the same antacids! You’re inquisitive, intuitive and would rather spend time learning new things than anything else. That’s why, your favorite new, free slots on PCHslots are sure to be Aztec Temple Treasures and Pharaoh’s Fortune. Take history for a spin with these super slots today and you could unlock a Token Treasure!

I hope you enjoyed today’s quiz! Let me know which PCHslots Personality you are below – and don’t forget to try ALL of our new Tokens-only free slots on the PCHslots tab now!

Happy Reel-Spinning!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Remember, your first spin on ANY slot machine gets you a shot to Win $1,000,000.00 so make sure you play daily!



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