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What’s YOUR Good Luck Routine?


There’s no better place to bring your most sure-fire good luck “charms” than right here at, where going for prizes you can really win is the name of the game!

People’s good luck routines can be as unique as their personalities. For instance, my friend Sue keeps the receipt for her son’s first haircut tucked into her wallet – 23 years after the fact! And my pal Kevin continues to wear his “lucky” New York Mets cap that’s now so faded, you can barely make out the lettering!

What about you? Is there a special good luck charm, keepsake or saying you’ve always used when you really wanted to “go for it,” – whether you were taking a test in school, entering a competition or going on a job interview?

My long-time acquaintance, Theresa, is constantly buying state lottery tickets, and she uses all kinds of “lucky numbers” to play to win – her mother’s birth date, the license number on her dog’s collar tag – and once, the time on her digital clock when she woke up one morning.

Theresa spends a LOT of money to buy all these lottery tickets, and I’m constantly telling her to save her cash and try her luck with all the prizes up for grabs here at PCH, where ALL our contests and games are 100% FREE to play for a chance to win – including PCHblackjack, PCHlotto and PCHslots.

And you really want to keep your lucky bottle cap, troll doll or grandsons’s dinosaur drawing nearby when you go for our special early look Sweepstakes event: $10,000 a Week For Life – or take $10,000,000 all at once!  (If the matching winning number  isn’t returned in time, we’ll definitely award a cool One Million Dollars on December 23rd in a second chance drawing, definitely a stroke of good luck.)

So tell us: what’s your own personal G.L.R. (Good Luck Routine)? Make logging on and entering to win here at Publishers Clearing House a part of it. Because you could really, really win!

Holding on to my own personal lucky Buffalo Nickel …

Publishers Clearing House

Free Rewards Program News: Elevate Faster With PCHRewards!


Hey Gamers,

We appreciate your loyalty – and we want you to know it! That’s why our free rewards program just got even better by making it easier than ever to elevate your status! And that means even more PCHRewards for you to enjoy!

That’s right – we’ve made the All-Time Token balances you need jump up the ladder from Silver to Diamond even lower (Bronze and Black Diamond remained unchanged) so more of our loyal fans can take advantage of the benefits they deserve.

And, if you’ve been playing at PCH for a while, you may have automatically changed status last week when you opened the PCHPlay&Win App


Did you elevate your PCHRewards status recently? You’ll know if you saw the exciting fireworks and “status upgrade” message like the one shown above. Let me know in the comments section below!

Now, remember, your all-time Token balance is what determines your status in our free rewards program. That’s why it’s important to claim as many Tokens as you can — because every time you elevate, you get more and more amazing benefits like…

More Welcome Tokens – come back to , PCHlotto  and our other sites every day to get your welcome Tokens which can range from 250 – 25,000 depending upon your status! Claiming these Tokens daily can help you elevate in no time!

More “Thank You” Wheel Spins – every time you elevate, you get another wheel spin that could win you cash or score you Tokens. The number of spins you get ranges based upon your status – starting at 1 and increasing to 7 when you hit Black Diamond.

More Money For Becoming Token Leader – The Token Leader always gets a cash prize – and based upon your status that Prize could range from $100 in pocket cash all the way up to a whopping $500!

More Options In The PCHRewards Token Exchange – Finally, one of the best perks of elevating your status – You’ll unlock more ways to win in the Token exchange! And the higher your status the better options you’ll have!

So, what does this mean to Gamers like you? It means the more you play, the more it could pay – so you should get out there and earn as many Tokens as you can, every chance you get! And remember, when you elevate with PCHRewards  you’re unlocking more benefits you’ll love, because we love our players like you.

Thank you so much for participating in our sweepstakes, playing our games and going for a big win with us – I hope you like our free rewards program  and that you make it to the top real soon!

Let me know what you think below and…

Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative





Now You Can Score 25,000 Free Coins at the PCH Cash Casino App!

Greetings PCH Players,

We’ve listened to what you’ve said…and one thing is clear: you love scoring free coins on the PCH Cash Casino App. And who could blame you? Coins are awesome, they’re free, and they let you go for really big wins. That’s why today, I’m happy to tell you all about how we added a big coin reward – 25,000 free coins – that you can earn every single day by collecting all your Sweepstakes entries!

So where does it all start? With a spin of the Daily Bonus Wheel, of course!

Daily Bonus Wheel

After picking up some free coins right off the bat, start going for your big coin reward by playing any of our free casino games!

How to unlock Sweeps entry

When you play a game, you’ll earn more coins and your Sweeps Meter will start to fill. Once you fill your sweeps meter completely, you’ll earn your first sweepstakes entry.

5K Casino Cashout

Awesome! Now go back to play more games and collect all your sweepstakes entries!

Earn Sweepstakes Entries

Now that’s the way to play!!! And remember, you can keep coming back every day to the PCH Cash Casino App to do it all over again, earn 25,000 more coins and really maximize your chances of winning!
Here’s hoping the Cash Casino gives you a primetime payout!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

Free App Update: PCHlotto App Gets Everyone In The Giving Spirit!

Gifts on Lotto App

Hey Blog Team,

It’s beginning to look a lot like…….last minute holiday gift-giving CRUNCH time, lol!  And, if you’re like me, it becomes nearly impossible to find something perfect for EVERYONE on your list (can you believe I have SIXTEEN nieces and nephews?!?) without breaking the bank.  But, I’m here today to tell you not to worry – because your favorite FREE APP, PCHlotto, is going to save the day!

How can an App that’s full of free to play, lotto style games that could win you REAL CASH save the day, you ask?  Well, the answer is….GIFTS! Yes, PCHlotto App has a special GIFTS section where you can give more gifts than Santa Claus himself … FOR FREE! And it’s SO easy!

Just open the gifts section in the app…

PCHlotto App

… Click on the “Friends” Tab at the top and .. Give! Give! Give!

Friends Tab

Each GIFT you give is a pack of chips that can be used to play our Free PCHlotto App, and could win your family and friends lots of money on-the-go!

Imagine it:  On the way to holiday dinner your best pal plays the PCHlotto App with the Gift YOU SENT and WIN$!  No sweater or pen set is even going to come close to that feeling of excitement — and do you know what means?!?  It means YOU would win “best gift giver of the year!” – FOR FREE – and your friend would tell the story of this “holiday payday” for lots of years to come!

I know it sounds silly to think that FREE GIFTS are going to make someone “over-the-top” happy, but honestly this small gesture of kindness could REALLY change someone’s life!  A win could happen at any time on the PCHlotto App – and your FREE GIFT could make it happen.

So don’t wait — start your gift giving early with our fun, free PCHlotto App! Keep on playing daily and get your friends and family in on the fun to see if any of you will become a winner before the New Year!

Good Luck & Happy Gifting!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. PCHlotto Gifts can be given or received ANY time, so make sure you keep on sharing all year long!

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