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Say A Fond Farewell To The Play&Win Blog You Know!




Say HELLO To The BRAND NEW PCH BLOG You’re Going To Love!

Fans like you mean the world to us, and we’re always looking for ways to make your PCH experience even better. On that note, I have some big news to share with you! Today Publishers Clearing House is thrilled to announce the launch of our new and improved PCHBlog! It’s the ONE place to go to get ALL the Publishers Clearing House information you need, including the great PCHPlay&Win blog posts you’ve enjoyed here over the last few years.

That’s right! Going forward, new PCHPlay&Win blog content will be posted to the PCHBlog, which will make it easier than ever to keep up with the latest news from the entire PCH family of sites. After all, as a loyal PCHPlay&Win blog reader you deserve to know everything that PCH has to offer. This way you’ll get all the details on the many ways to win in one spot!

Not to worry! Even though we won’t be updating the PCHPlay&Win blog anymore, the new PCHBlog will still include all the PCHPlay&Win blog features you love, including:

  • Insider’s tips on the latest tournaments and free-to-play games
  • In-depth look at the newest free-to-play games that you should check out
  • Fastest, easiest ways to earn tokens and win instant cash prizes!
  • Monthly PCHPlay&Win  prize winners – discover where our winners found fun and challenging FREE games and won PCH instant prizes, too! (Hint: Everywhere from the games tab at to PCHlotto  to PCHfrontpage  and the PCH App for iPhone/iPad and PCH App for Android.
  • Behind the Scenes At PCHPlay&Win – Meet some of our team members who design the games and give you insider tips on how to play!

And much, much more!

It’s time for you to head on over to the new PCHBlog to see for yourself. I’m sure you’ll agree it looks fantastic and there’s plenty to read about! But there’s another BIG reason you’ll want to visit daily. Now you can get opportunities to win a Millionaire-Making SuperPrize RIGHT FROM THE BLOG! I guess I won’t have to tell YOU twice to bookmark the blog and make it part of your daily routine!

We’re so excited about this brand new chapter for the PCHBlog, and I’m sure you will be, too. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below!

See all of you gamers at the new PCHBlog!

Jane M.
PCH Creative


Why Have I Not Been Credited In The RealBucksGo App?

Publishers Clearing House keeps coming up with new ways to give away money, and the RealBucksGo app has been lining the virtual pockets of PCH fans with, well, real bucks, that can be redeemed for gift cards at some of America’s most favorite restaurants, retailers, and more.

We’re so happy to see that fans like you have been enjoying this new way to win, but we’ve also heard questions like “Why have I not been credited in the RealBucks Go App?”

Today we wanted to explain some of the common most answers to this question that will hopefully be helpful to you if you find yourself in this situation.

  1. App previously installed

If the app you downloaded through RealBucksGo had been previously installed on your device – even if you’ve since deleted it – you will not receive RealBucks for downloading it again.

  1. App requirements

Certain apps have in-app requirements that must be met before you receive your RealBucks reward. These requirements can include creating a user account, reaching a certain level in a game and more.

  1. Patience please

Even if you’ve done everything right – downloaded an app, run it, and met all the requirements to earn RealBucks – it still can take up to 24 hours for your account to be credited with RealBucks.

Let’s say you’ve downloaded an app through RealBucksGo and you’re pretty sure it’s never before been installed on your device. And let’s say you’ve met all the in-app requirements and more than 24 hours have passed since downloading and opening the app, and you still haven’t received your RealBucks! Now what!!!

Remember, you’re never alone with Publishers Clearing House. Just Ask A Question and we’ll help clear up the confusion. When you do, select “RealBucksGO” as your reason for contacting us, and “General Inquiries” so we can direct your question for the speediest response. Also, please include your “share code” when filling out the information so we can quickly identify your account.

We hope this helps ease any concerns you might have about “why have I not been credited in the RealBucksGo App” so you can get right back to earning RealBucks today!

Happy ‘apping!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

Real Reviews of PCH Apps from Real PCH Fans!

Whether you’re on social media or just browsing the web, it’s always fun to read what others have to say, especially on things you care about!

For example, you love opportunities to win, right? Of course you do, that’s why you’re reading the Publishers Clearing House Blog right now! You probably know that you can complete entries into our Sweepstakes and Instant Win experiences on our various websites, and you definitely should keep at it! BUT, if you want more opportunities, you can always find them by installing our PCH Mobile Apps on your mobile devices, too! It’s the best way to go for prizes AND earn tokens while you’re out and about!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Why not hear REAL reviews of PCH apps from REAL PCH fans?

First, let’s start with some comments from Jonathan Wright, who was even nice enough to send us a picture of himself!

Real review of PCH apps


We were so inspired by Jonathan’s words that we asked him for more details about what he plays and how he feels about it. Remember, these are words from a REAL PCH Mobile App User (below he’s specifically talking about our PCHplay&win App)!

Real PCH Fan Jonathan

Here’s Jonathan, who loves to use the PCH App, Play&Win App and PCH Lotto Blast App!


“I Love PCHPlay&Win! Bank Shot on the PCHplay&win App is exhilarating! The Clock is winding down with only 45 seconds! 3 made shots in a Row equals Flame Bonus Points! I love going after my own High Score! If you like Solitaire, Tri Peaks Solitaire on the PCHplay&win App will really get your fingers moving! It’s all about combos! The more cards you chain together in 1 minute and 30 seconds the Higher your score! A very cool and unique take on Solitaire! “

As you can see, Jonathan really loves the PCHPlay&Win App! It’s that kind of enthusiasm that brings a person back for more and more winning opportunities, and maybe someday could make them an actual winner!  As you know, we have winners from our Apps all the time, and we post about them on a regular basis.

Here’s what commenter Bob said on a recent post about our PCH App Winners:

Real Review of PCH App


What a good attitude! Bob is a true believer that good things come to those who keep trying! And we were so pleased that he wished all of his fellow Mobile App players luck, that we reached out to him to see if he could share his routine with the other users out there:

“[Where do] I play? …I play/enter at PCHsearch&win, PCHfrontpage, PCHlotto, PCHgames, PCHsave&win and then recently downloaded the apps too! [Everyone should] try, PCHlottoblast, PCHplayandwin”.

Many of our Mobile App users talk about how much they love the Instant Win Prize opportunities! And we totally understand — it’s a great feeling to play your favorite game knowing you could win a cash prize by the end of it! And don’t forget, you can also earn tokens! Here’s what user LaDon C. says:

Review of PCH app

Real PCH Fan LaDon

Here’s LaDon – she loves the PCH App!


Some people love certain games, others just can’t get enough of everything — they even play on two devices at once! Here’s what Sandra said:

Fan review of PCH apps


We had to know what Sandra’s favorite games were, so we thought we’d ask!

Real PCH Fan Sandra

Here’s Sandra, a big fan of our apps!


“I love playing all the PCH games really, but some of my most favorites are Bank Shot, Carnival Games, PCH Sweepstakes page (money drop and first class cash) and The PCH Play & Win app.  If I have the chance (when my 3 year old isn’t using my iPad), I will use my phone and iPad at the same time to play and enter different games at the same time…I feel sad when people respond that PCH is a scam or fake.  It’s fun just playing and it’s FREE!  Who could ask for more?  You just have to have fun with it and BELIEVE!!!!!   You never know when it just might be your lucky day!!!”

We truly have the BEST fans in the whole world. We appreciate all the kind words, especially from people like Rhonda!

Real PCH Fan Rhonda

Here’s Rhonda, another happy PCH App user!

Review of App


We asked Rhonda what were her favorite parts of the app. Here’s what she said!

“I love to play PCH Lotto Blast and the Play and Win App. I must say that all of PCH games are so much fun, it is hard to pick just one!  I have won 10 cash prizes on various PCH games, including a blog post win, a Fandango movie ticket on PCH Search and Win, and many Amazon gift cards. Absolutely amazing! So I would say play each and every game that PCH has to offer! I am “in it to win it” BIG! Thank you so much PCH!”

And of course there are those PCH Friends who love us so much, they can’t even LIVE without us! Ok, that might be an overstatement, but that’s what this active commenter says!

PW_12_9_PCH Fan Nettie

PCH App Review


We contacted Nettie, and she went on to say this:

“I enjoy the PCHApps a lot, but my most favorite PCHApps are the PCHLotto Blast App and the PCHGames App. The Apps allow for fast and fun play and of course more chances to win M-O-N-E-Y (Smiles) ……!”

So there you have it folks – REAL reviews of our PCH Apps from REAL fans. But now we want to hear what YOU think. So please, comment below and let us know! And if you haven’t downloaded them for yourself yet, why not do so right now?

The PCH App
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

PCH Play&Win App
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

PCH Lotto Blast App
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

PCH FrontPage App
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Don’t waste another second! Download these free apps on your smartphone today, and who knows, maybe we’ll be contacting YOU for our winner interview blog next!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Sometimes it’s great to be able to use a mobile app in a boring situation! What sort of situation can you think of where having a fun app on your phone would come in handy? Tell us in the comments below!

Like Free Giveaways? Don’t Miss PCHPlay&Win App Exclusive Prizes!

Hey Gamers,

We know you love free giveaways.  And as part of our Blog Team, we know that you want to get in on opportunities that other fans might have missed.  That’s why today, I’m going to tell you about my two favorite EXCLUSIVE ways to win with the PCHPlay&Win App.  Keep Reading!

The first one is relatively new — and if you’re into giveaways, you’ve got to check it out!  It’s the $1,000.00 Weekly Giveaway at the PCHPlay&Win App — and it looks like this:

Play and Win App

It’s totally free and someone WILL DEFINITELY WIN every single week!  Have you gone for it yet?

If you haven’t, here’s what you do — just play your missions like you normally would to unlock all your entries.  You’ll see the “ticket” light up on your progress bar whenever a new one is submitted!  You can get 4 shots at the $1,000 Weekly Giveaway daily — and on the way, you’ll get in on more opportunities to win including the $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000 bonus games — check it out!

PCH Play&Win App

But that’s not the only EXCLUSIVE Giveaway the PCHPlay&Win App has to offer.  Play daily and go for your shot at the top spot on the PCHPlay&Win App Daily Token Leaderboard!

PCH Play And Win App

It doesn’t take much effort to start growing your Daily Token Totals, and if you keep playing you could become #1 in no time!  And just like at, the Daily Token Leaderboard Prize is based upon your PCHRewards Loyalty Program Status, so the more you play, the more it could pay!

Important reminder:  Your PCHRewards Loyalty Program Status is based upon your All-Time Token Totals — so no matter how many Tokens you use in the PCHRewards Token Exchange, your Status will never, ever go down!

Plus, if you’re a Token Leader on the PCHPlay&Win App, you’ll get your name posted for all the world to see (here’s the Token Leader Prize Winner from 7/29):

Play&Win App

So, don’t miss out on these Free Giveaways!  Get in on my two favorite EXCLUSIVE Prizes at the PCHPlay&Win App — the $1,000.00 Guaranteed Weekly Giveaway AND the PCHPlay&Win App Token Leaderboard Prize — and you could become our next big winner in no time!

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. What are you favorite giveaways at the PCHPlay&Win App?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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