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10 Million Reasons to Download the PCH App – On the Double!

Did you think from that headline that we were actually going to list 10 Million reasons you should download the PCH app (Apple/Android)? Well don’t worry! We wouldn’t drive you crazy with an endless list like that – even though there are lots of reasons to download it right this minute!


That was just a little play on words. You see, when you download the PCH app, you’ll get 2X entries (that’s right… DOUBLE entries) into the life-changing Winner’s Choice Prize. A winner of this prize would get to choose either $10,000 A Week for Life or $10 Million all at once. Awesome, right? The winner gets to choose which he prefers! Now that’s a decision anyone would be happy to make! Which payout would you choose if you won?



What? You’ve already downloaded the PCH app? No problem – there’s still plenty of cool benefits for you, too! For example, when you enter to win the Winner’s Choice Prize with the PCH app (Apple/Android), those 2X entries will be available to you every single day! Just imagine how many SuperPrize entries you could rack up!

But don’t just take my word for it. The PCH Prize Patrol’s very own Danielle Lam loves the PCH app and knows all about giving away tons of prize money. Check out what she has to say about getting the best of PCH – all in one place!

By the way, once you get the PCH app, and for those of you who already have it, we’d love to know what you love most about it! Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

I’m sure you’ll agree, there are so many great reasons to download the PCH app (Apple/Android) and no reasons not to! But if you don’t already have the it, you should definitely get it… on the double! With 2X entries into the Winner’s Choice Prize available to you every day, there’s no time to waste!

Good luck!

Tina P.
PCH Creative

Who Wants A TREAT For Halloween? Tell Us & Try The PCH App!


Would you say “BOO!” if The Prize Patrol showed up at your door? Try The PCH App and they could be there soon!

Hey, Blog Readers,

Want a treat this Halloween? Well, forget going door to door asking for candy… check out The PCH App (Apple/Android) instead and you could Win all sorts of INSTANT TREATS or have the Prize Patrol at YOUR Door in December with an incredibly sweet treat of $10,000.00 A Week For Life !

Ready…? Here’s how to find treats in The PCH App…

Just “Knock” on “Door #1” for your shot at The Winner’s Choice Prize!

And get a treat of 2X Entries for YOU!



But that’s not all — knock on the other doors in The PCH App “neighborhood” to go for even more ways to Win like these…





That’s right, every “knock” gives you a shot at some of the best prizes we’ve got AND when you knock on all our doors, you’ll get the TREAT of unlocking the $20,000.00 AND $25,000.00 Instant Win Bonus Games!

That’s an even better treat than the BIG chocolate bars all the kids are talking about, isn’t it?!?

And that’s only the beginning of the treats you could discover in The PCH App! Don’t miss out on more ways to win that could have you living the sweet life… pick up these extra treats today:

1) Get 2X Entries & 2X Tokens for all your Sweepstakes Entries!

2) Get 2X Tokens & Lots of shots at big cash prizes with our Instant Win Scratchoff Showcase!

3) Get 2X Tokens on all the amazing Token Games you love!

4) Get 2X Tokens on Instant Win Games and a shot to “Fill YOUR Pumpkin” with $1,000.00 Cash!

There are NO tricks here – just treats to be had for the taking, so the question is…

Do YOU Want A TREAT Today? Let me know below!

And if the answer is, “YES”, get The PCH App  to “trick or treat” in the “richest” neighborhood around! Your “knocking” could “scare up” a millionaire making SuperPrize, Tokens or Instant Cash in no time!

Good Luck – and Happy Halloween!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Going Trick-or-Treating with kids or grandkids? Remember to take your phone so you can “trick or treat” in The PCH App on the go!

New Winner’s Choice Prize From PCH: What Would You Choose?




Hey, Blog Readers,

Have you heard about the BRAND NEW Winner’s Choice Prize from PCH that would let a winner choose between $10,000.00 A Week For Life and $10 Million All At Once?

Well, if not, today’s your day to discover one of our most amazing Prize Events yet! And, to let me know whether you’d be on…

Team $10,000.00 A Week For Life


Team $10,000,000.00 At Once

Now, just as you would support any sports team, this is a decision you’d really want to stand behind. And even though I’m asking just for fun (the real decision wouldn’t be made by a Winner until Prize Day) — let’s weigh all the benefits of each special “Team” so you can let me know which prize you’re dreaming about the most…

Ready? Here we go…

Why You’d Want To Be On “Team $10,000.00 A Week For Life”:

Lifers, as I like to call them, would enjoy the finer things in smaller quantities like jetting off to Europe for a few weeks instead of buying a whole entire castle.

Members of this team might prefer eating out a few times a week over getting a new live-in chef on the payroll.

And “Team $10,000.00 A Week For Life” members shouldn’t be afraid of commitment… after all, a win like this would be “for life.”

The biggest drawback if you were to win with PCH and choose $10,000.00 A Week For Life: Multiple Trips To The Bank Every Single Month!


Why You’d Want To Be On “Team $10,000,000.00 At Once”:

Living in the moment is great, and it’s something every “Team $10,000,000.00 At Once” Member would be ready to do… cars, houses, jewelry… they’d be able to afford it all! There’s no doubt about it.

Getting all that money, all at once from the Winner’s Choice Prize, would make you feel like you rule the world if you won! You could buy a big house outright, pay for things without blinking and eye… and have a wallet that’s always just a little too full.

Members of this team might want to have a movie-theater sized TV and hot tub installed in the living room of their five story palace instead of living in a modest home.

The biggest drawback if you were to win and choose $10,000,000.00 All At Once: Making sure you’d save a little cash for later… since it could all go very fast.

So, now that you’ve read the pros and cons, tell me, which would you choose… would you rather be on “Team $10,000.00 A Week For Life” or “Team $10,000,000.00 All At Once”? Give your favorite team a shout out in the comments section below! I really want to know which Prize you fans like best (and why!)!

But most importantly, make sure you don’t miss any of the ways to win we’ve got waiting for you at PCH – like 2X entries in The PCH App (Android/Apple), your PCHlotto  entry during card play, your PCHlotto App (Android/Apple) entry, your PCHPlay&Win App (Android/Apple) entry and, of course, your entry on!

Remember, you don’t have to decide whether you would want $10,000.00 A Week For Life or $10,000,000.00 all at once today, but if you’re a winner of the Winner’s Choice Prize  when PCH takes a Special Early Look on December 23rd, what “team” you’d be on may be the most important decision you ever make!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative


PCH Lets You Win Money With Apps & Your Desktop Computer!


You could win money with Apps from PCH in an instant — right on your phone!

Hey, Blog Readers,

If you haven’t hopped on board with all the app hoopla just yet, you’re not gonna want to miss a word of this blog! PCH  has got perks for you to play on desktop and in our apps, and I’m going to let you in on them right here!

Here’s the 4-1-1 (pun intended ) on how you could win money with apps on your phone or on our websites with a desktop computer, any time of day… take a look!

1) PCHlotto has got to be my favorite way to go for Tokens and Cash. Play the desktop site and you’ll get shots to win the Over $2.5 Million Power Prize, scratch card plays and so much more.

Plus, did you know that in the PCHlotto App, our Twilight Scratch cards are worth EVEN MORE?!? That’s right – we’ve got hidden perks for our app players with bigger prizes AND 2X Token Rewards! So playing on your desktop computer and in the app really does give you more ways to win!

And, you get 2X shots at the BIG $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize when you play in both places!

2) and the PCH App are great for getting lots and lots of shots to win life-changing prizes! Millionaire-making sweepstakes prizes, vacation cash and so much more could become yours with any entry… plus we’re about to release an update that will give app users EVEN BIGGER REWARDS and lots of surprises – so if you don’t have it yet, make sure you get it now!

And, here’s something else not everyone knows about… if you sign up for our push notifications you’ll get INSIDER sweepstakes opportunities that are only revealed to message recipients. So make sure you say “yes” to getting messages from us!

3) Play at PCHgames and then, play in the PCHPlay&Win App (Apple/Android) to go for more big prizes AND TOKENS, TOKENS, TOKENS! If you like Tokens – these are two ways to rake ‘em in that you don’t want to miss!

Remember, Tokens can be used in the PCHRewards Token Exchange for even more ways to WIN!

4) If you want to win money with apps, then you definitely want to make sure you make PCHfrontpage your homepage AND get the PCHfrontpage App (Apple/Android) on your phone! Using PCHfrontpage as your search engine lets you go for big prizes AND when you unlock the instant win bonus games, you can go for even more CASH!

The PCHfrontpage App has perks just for app users, too including DOUBLE TOKENS and DOUBLE the prize amount on the Instant Win Bonus Games than you get on desktop!

Here at PCH, we’re giving you MORE ways to win money with apps, and more perks, because we want to make sure you go for the most ways to win! So, please play on your desktop computer to go for big prizes, then play again on your mobile device for even more ways to WIN BIG!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your favorite PCH App? Let me know below…

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