An Instant Winner Shares Her PCH Story

For this week’s featured PCHSearch&Win Instant Winner, I chose avid shopper Vicki P., from Markle, IN, who has been commenting on the PCHblog and the new PCHSearch&Win blog.  More importantly, Vickie is an avid user of PCHSearch&Win and Shop&Win. In June 2010, Vickie P. started using PCHSearch&Win as her primary search engine. Specifically, she said […]

PCH Winners – A Closer Look at Karen Anderson

Curiosity always gets the best of us, so when you or your friends hear about PCH’s Big Cash Sweepstakes, your natural instinct is to search for PCH Winners to get the full Publishers Clearing House winning moment, and back-story. After a PCH Winner claims his or her cash sweepstakes prize, we send a PCH Winners’ […]

Did You Receive A Post Card In the Mail?

As a loyal PCH customer, you likely receive many opportunities to enter the famous Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes in the mail. In the next few weeks, some of you may also receive a special post-card which asks you to visit the website URL  A short authorization code is also included on the post card […]

On the Prowl for Purchasables and Prizes

When I shop online, I call myself a modern hunter—erm, well, huntress. I prowl. Prowl through endless sales and deals of the day; feel the excitement when I find a best-kept-secret kind of online shop that offers the stuff I’d love to buy. Exciting stuff! In my experience, I know that searching for the perfect […]

$5,000 a Week for Life – Where Did it Go?

For many PCHers the $5,000 a week for life big prize of 2010 is something they’ve been dreaming about. After PCH Blog readers read about the $5,000 per week for life PCH online sweepstakes opportunities, we hear countless stories of how $5,000 a week for life would solve their hardships and restore hopes and happiness […]