Motivational Monday: Quit Talking And Begin Doing!

Procrastination. We’ve all experienced it. I must confess that sometimes I will first do anything else that’s on my desk before buckling down to write what I know is due, or past due, and HAS TO GET DONE. Like this Motivational Monday blog! Procrastination. The dictionary says it’s the act of delaying or postponing something. […]

Motivational Monday: Do It Now – Enter The PCH Sweepstakes!

Welcome to another Motivational Monday! The message for today is to stop procrastinating about entering to win a PCH Sweepstakes that could change your life — stop thinking about HOW you’re going to do it, and just start DOING it. I think that’s what pioneer female pilot Amelia Earhart meant by saying “The most effective […]

Motivational Monday: It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

Let’s face it, PCH fans, Mondays can be rough!  After two days filled with fun activities or relaxation, getting back to the daily grind is never easy. Ever wish that every day of your life could feel just like the weekend? Or maybe you’ve wished that you could take some time out from your busy […]

Motivational Monday: Will You Think Positively?

Mondays could be rough, especially after your name wasn’t the one on our latest “Big Check”. I hope you were happy that a fellow PCH fan won, but I understand how you could feel a little down that it wasn’t you. So I’m writing this Motivational Monday to implore some of you discouraged fans to […]

Motivational Monday: You have to be in it to win it!

Monday is usually the day of the week that everyone tends to dread. However, the beginning of the week at PCH means it’s Motivational Monday! With the $15 Million Summer Prize Event sweepstakes coming to an end in just one week, it’s the perfect time for some inspirational words to help keep you going, because now […]

Motivational Monday: Victory Is Won Not In Miles, But In Inches

What better way is there to start off your week than with some inspirational words of encouragement? Today’s Motivational Monday words of encouragement have me thinking about how important it is to keep working towards a goal, while remaining patient. I am sure that everyone has set out to achieve a goal that has ended up […]