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Online shopping, Bulls and Bears, Oh My!

After subscribing to Fortune Magazine and reading the February issue, I kept spotting news stories, like this one from PC World, about the economy and online shopping all over the internet. It’s no secret that online shoppers haven’t been as active because of the tough economy but things seem to be turning for the better […]

$1 Million SuperPrize Winner Karen Anderson’s Life Is Forever Changed

Not even bad weather could stop the Prize Patrol from surprising this $1 Million SuperPrize winner! On February 27th Arkansas was hit with terrible weather: news of an earthquake, tornado, thunder and lightning.  What terrible luck…that is until February 28th when the PCH Prize Patrol arrived in Bella Vista to surprise the newest SuperPrize winner […]

Looming Big Sweepstakes Giveaway Launches “Nat Signal”

The big sweepstakes giveaway award date is looming, and the Prize Patrol is gearing up! In fact, they’ve sent up the “Nat Signal” and I’m ready to go! What’s the “Nat Signal” you ask? It’s not as elaborate as the Batman signal for Gotham City. It’s pretty much all done through email and phone calls, […]

The Prize Patrol Is Getting Ready To Change Someone’s Life Forever!

The time has come for the Prize Patrol to get on the road and surprise our newest millionaire with that BIG PCH check!  The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner has been selected and now it’s time for the Prize Patrol to be dispatched.  But what exactly does that mean?  Well, I’d like to give you […]

The New Xbox Kinect Giveaway from PCHSearchandWin

Tomorrow’s Xbox Kinect giveaway is only one of the new contests PCHSearchandWin going to have this month! As soon as we got hold of New Xbox Kinect as a giveaway prize, PCHSearchandWin put the Nintendo Wii giveaway on hold and decided to give all of you Xbox fans a way to win the Xbox Kinect. But […]

A GRAMMY® Winning Moment vs. A PCH Winning Moment

Memorable Grammy winning moments – much like the winning moments PCH is famous for – filled the star-studded 53rd Annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday. To get the evening started, Lady Gaga made an extravagant entrance when she arrived to the event in a big plastic egg. The PCH Prize Patrol knows a thing or […]