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Want 1,000,000+ Tokens Every Day? Follow These 5 Top Insider Tips!

For many people, every day starts the same way – logging in to their account and getting their SuperPrize entry. From there, a lot go on to enter contests, play games, and complete all the tiles in the featured area. It’s a smart and easy way to accumulate entries and start building a daily […]

Score Double Tokens In The PCHlotto App!

Have you ever been bored while scrolling through your phone? Phone boredom is an unfortunate reality, and since people generally use their phones when they’re taking a break, relaxing, and just want to have a good time… there’s no sense being bored when phone fun is just a download away. Why not download the PCHlotto […]

The May Token Exchange Winner List Is Here! Are You On It?

Hey, everyone. It’s exchange time! I’m not talking about exchanging a pair of shoes that hurt your feet, or a gift you don’t really like – I’m talking Rewards Token Exchange! It’s May, and we want to congratulate all the May Token Exchange Winners! They played hard and were rewarded well! Take a look at […]

PCH Monthly Calendar – New Sweepstakes & More For June!

Hi PCHers! It’s June, which means Summer is on its way! But Summer isn’t all that’s coming up … it’s also time for the PCH Monthly Calendar for June, featuring the “Win It All” SuperPrize  event date on 6/30. That means on that fine Summer Friday, someone could possibly be the lucky winner of $2 […]