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Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!

Greetings, fans and friends, Last month, in our blog post entitled “Think No One from My State Ever Wins? Yes, They Do!”, we received lots of encouraging comments from you, our readers. One of those comments was a saying I’ve heard before … and that is: WINNERS NEVER QUIT, AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN! I went […]

Search Your Way to Winning Opportunities at PCHSearch&Win!

Hi Publishers Clearing House Friends! Even though I’m a frequent blog writer, I’m also a big fan of the PCH blog!  In fact, some of my favorite entries are Dave Sayer and Danielle Lam‘s tales from the road. I just love getting all the fascinating details!  Was the winner home when they arrived? How did […]

First Time’s a Charm For Ray Randall!

According to the old adage, practice makes perfect. But Ray Randall became a Publishers Clearing House winner the first time he entered! How’s that for good luck? Eighty-one year old Ray has been retired from Nabisco for 32 years and lives with his wife in Twin Falls, Idaho. He has received letters from Publishers Clearing […]