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  1. I know that I will never be a millionaire, but am grateful for my job teaching and having so many kids that just love me for who I am, their teacher. When God provides that Financial blessing, I want to open a prep academy in the inner city of my state and provide underprivileged youth with a good education along with scholarships to attend college. As a teacher I want each and every one of my students to know that will succeed. If I ever win this sweepstakes one day than the “Stanley Prep Academy” will bring forth future Doctors, Judges, Politicians, Teachers, Biologist, and Researchers and another African American President.

  2. I have to admit, I very much would like to Win, Win, Win this October 13, 2017. To have all my friends and family, and millions of people I have met would actually try winning if they saw my. per-ma-grinn 😄😄😄in a commercial just after winning the Big Winner’s SUPERPRISE Sweepstakes from… I promise I won’t zone out lol.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  3. Hello publishing clearance house I really enjoyed being with publishing clearance house I enter everyday I’m plays the scratch off slots just about every game there is I would like to claim $1,000 a day for life it would be a dream come true now what would I do with the money is pay off all my bills and buy me a house and buy a new car and do some investment help out some loved ones in my family and help out the homeless

  4. I’m Jaime diamond.I wanna be the win.For my family.My kids and every thing the people poor can I help to them.

  5. I am amazed at the way all of you at PCH put together the games 2017 is way different than 2010 there are so many games and the way you send message emails the way you word each message it’s amazing .who ever creates them and the games I chotally totally commend . And the past ol table is my favorite game . If you make me rich I am going get a tablet and play it was hen ever I can it’s so Kool .Thank you for make ng people rich and your games and your time that you spend .making people rich that’s CHAWSUM AWSUM