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  1. I look for you guys every prize day. I know one day I may be blessed,and win. Be safe prize patrol wherever you go. My grandmother and my mother and father have always entered your sweepstakes, even though they never won. I’m steady entering, my prior account with you guys was ——— and I played several years,now my new account is ——— I have three young boys, and times are super hard these days, I look forward to winning,so I’ll continue to enter.

  2. I wish to win this prize before ten years ago. Thank God for everything. Thank you so much pch

  3. I would shout for joy and jump up and click my heals great full accepting
    Thank you I will help the homeless

  4. I just found out I have lymphoma which is a cancer , this money and a win would help pay all my bills and let us travel , hopefully I won’t need a harsh treatment , I’ve played PCH since I was 18 I’m now 70 I so would like to win . Today I had a call that said they were you but his English was broken and I don’t think it was real . Beware of scammers , love the real you , Cynthia J, K M