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  1. Good morning everybody this is Marcus I want to say that I love everybody at PCH may your hearts find peace and favor and yes I have moved but just up the street and profile has been updated

  2. I Am Gateway 16000 or 16073 I have multiple numbers but I was on the winners selection list and I’m winner and I’m trying to see if this is the way I got to do it so please let me know because I’m not trying to lose it

  3. I just wanted to say i love you Danielle Dave Howie todd and maryann for such being a great team without y’all The Joy could not reveal itself for the prize because in my sight you are the prize and I thank you for letting me be a part of this PCH Marcus Singleton tuning not this early morning in Jacksonville Florida

  4. Thank you Danielle for strengthening my faith and the rest of the PCH team I’ll be rather more glad to see y’all then the check so I will keep entering and entering to see your face to see the smile that y’all have that is so gorgeous knowing that we are all people. And to have my kids back that I pray Ezekiel Jeremiah Isabella Maya so when the time comes I wish I see your face so you can see the ultimate Shining smiling face that you can see I will rejoice I will show you how happy it really means to me so hopefully my entries will be in favor for me I do so pray so thanks again Danielle and Howie all the other team members of PCH I will greet and show gratitude May the father be with us all and my family and your family amen

  5. I’m your I’m your winner I don’t want it want all that Lottery money and Publishers Clearing House I have numbers I have multiple numbers from the lottery I have Gateway 13000 I just don’t know how to secure it I don’t know God bless someone security claim for ownership Cathleen Lowery from Cherryville North Carolina thank you and God bless

    1. There are multiple entry options for all of our exciting giveaways. To see them all, click here: We’re thrilled that you’re enjoying PCH and all that our sweepstakes have to offer. It’s loyal fans like you that make being a part of the PCH Team so rewarding! Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  6. I claim the prize control visit and the big check the roses the champagne the balloons and I seleced candy canes. . oui oui oui it is.

  7. I will not stop I will fight for the victory of my kids freedom I will lead myself into black diamond in two weeks I will not stop until I have victory I will become the inter man entering every card every game continually into I get my kids back who will be able to compete with me who’s fighting for a life because I am Israel and my faith is stronger than ever I will keep the faith

  8. Yes this is Marcus Singleton tuning in to the Night Show I thank you my family deserve PCH help we thank you Danielle and howie and all the other teams are from PCH peace to us all because we all need it cause days not getting brighter may God be with us all amen

  9. My name is Marcus Singleton I live in the heart of the ghetto I lost my family for kids I need a miracle who could imagine such horror truly matters is to get my kids back and leave this place start a new life with my wife and all my five children that I have all together so we can be one and happy again I mean that from the bottom of my heart

    1. Guess what PCH team it’s going down tonight again it will never stop I was worried early today internet been down all day no let me rephrase that my internet was going in and out all day losing service in and out very frustrating but now it is fine and I am suited and booted and ready for the show for the night show because to me is all about my children to Victory I will move like the sun as it rises in the morning as it runs to his place where it came from God is my Buckler in my shield 🛡 and I can stand up to any obstacle may God be with you PCH team