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Who Won the Columbus Day Prize?

The lucky $15,000 Columbus Day winner was Destiny Kalani from Hawaii. Here’s the story of her surprise “Destiny’s Publishers Clearing House moment.”

Destiny was coming back from a one-day business trip from Honolulu to Maui and back. The PCH Prize Patrol deputy and camera crew were on alert waiting for her to arrive. Her flight from Maui was an hour or so late and it would be dark by the time she landed. The Prize Patrol deputy thought about the airport location, for the sweepstakes winning moment, but there were too many variables, such as security, lighting, background noise, etc. So, he decided to ask the prize winner’s mom for some help.

Destiny’s mom was supposed to pick her up from the airport. She agreed to bring Destiny to a location about a block away from the airport, then stop and say she needed help to pick up a package. That’s when the PCH Prize Patrol “ambushed” the winner. She was extremely surprised, very happy, and a bit tearful, too. It was a terrific winning moment! Destiny’s daughter was also in the car, so both she and Destiny’s mom got to watch it all unfold.

The local CBS TV station, KGMB, filmed the Columbus Day Prize Winning Moment. It ran on the 10 PM news that evening. Click on the link below to see the news story.


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