PCHrewards Tokens: Don’t Underestimate Their Importance!!!

If you’ve ever looked at just how easy it is to enter giveaways through the PCHrewards Token Exchange, then you know just how crucial it could be to collect as many tokens as possible. For example, have you ever really looked at the Daily Token Leaderboard? There are fans who rake in hundreds of thousands […]

Were You A Token Exchange Winner in April?

There’s so much winning that happens during April that it’s hard to contain all of the excitement. From the victory of Spring over the cold, dark forces of Winter to the best in college basketball celebrating the crowning achievement of a national championship, the month of April is a harbinger of better days to come. […]

Redeem Tokens. Get Entries. Repeat. March’s Token Exchange Winners Score Big Cash & Prizes

The PCHrewards Token Exchange keeps firing on all cylinders and new names continue to be added to those already in the winners’ circle. And as a celebration of their dedication and their good fortune, many of them get to appear here – the March Token Exchange Winners list. “How can I get on the Token […]

Leveling Up is a Fun Way to Make the Most of PCH!

Play Games, Level Up, Go for Bigger & Better Prizes Want more rewards from the time you spend entering and playing at Publishers Clearing House? You’re in luck because there’s a fun, easy way for you to take your PCH experience to the next level! And the answer is to – literally – take your […]

Are You Part of an All-New Month In Winning?

Stand Up & Shout If You’re A March Play&Winner! Today we’re gushing over some of the super-players going for the $7,000 A Week for Life SuperPrize this past month by gaming with PCHplay&win. These days, March may best be known for the madness that ensues all month long in college basketball’s numerous post-season tournaments. Here […]

Want to Join the List of Monthly Token Exchange Winners?

It can happen – and that’s just the experience being shared right now by PCH’s February Token Exchange winners. The February Token Exchange winners know that the tokens they earn every day from welcome bonuses, entering contests, playing games, and more may not have any cash value, but still are quite valuable. Why? Tokens can […]