Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. Publishers Clearing House , Today you got me so excited , I felt I was going to burst , A dream as this would be a Miracle , like the Movie , Miracle on 34th Street , Except it would be me , the way I felt just watching the Commercial totally Blew me away , if it was truly real I Believe you would have to Pick me up off the floor , I could only Imagine I could Speak at all , I would fill like the Glory of God Falling on me… It scares me to get this hopeful , I love you all Merry Christmas , and Happy New Years , Safe Travels …

  2. If I could only turn back time… moma would be write here with me.NOW….I know the time is gone and I can’t ever turn back time … mother and i both always …raced to see who would be done with there pch entry first….everyday…..ya I would like to turn back time..I want to win pch….