Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. Good afternoon Publisher Clearing House why just letting you know that I’m here to win I’m just letting you know I do want to win if I wasn’t serious I would be playing all the games that publishers clearance house has to offer you know I’ve been trying and trying I do not hear anyone knocking at my door sometimes I feel as just a tease to me

  2. Hi my name is Gary Snook . I have been customer and contestant for over 41 years. I really enjoy the fun and thrill of thinking I might join the ranks of the PCH CONTEST WINNERS but, I believe I’ll be pushing up daisys before I become a winner. Congrats to all the winners to date !!!! THANKS

  3. Hope one day I can be part of the family one day… Very priceless and a blessing to be honored… I’m a true believer that miracles do occur in our lives. Good luck to everybody and God bless.

  4. I am claiming to be a winner with the family wall of fame, VIP ELITES EXCLUSIVE GRANTD REWARDS gwy 10424 50,000.00. And 11000 gwy 1,000 week a day for life plus 1,000.000.00 sounds good to me. Thanks PCH