Want to Change Your World? Try Publishers Clearing House!

A truly world-changing event often is hard to come by and, if you’re lucky, you might just see a few in your lifetime. And believe it or not, there are everyday things all around us that have changed the world as we know it – and they all resulted from contests just like those at […]

If You Won Big, Where Would You Go?

The warm breeze gently moves across you as you sit in your beach chair, the aromas of sand, salt and maybe a cocktail wafting by… …or is it the majestic site of the Grand Canyon, the immense monument to the power of nature and time overwhelming your vision as you stand, phone in hand ready […]

Which Dream House Hits Home for You?

Hey there, friends and fans! What does your dream house look like? Just about everyone would like an upgrade on their home: some of us are looking for new floors, a paint job, a redone bathroom, or some landscaping. Others may be looking for something more in line with a larger rec room or a […]


Probably every person on this planet could use a little personal finance advice. Being able to live comfortably – and with any luck, more than comfortably – is the American dream. So why wouldn’t we take a little advice if it could better our finances? I’m not a financial advisor by any means, but I […]

The Number of PCH Prizes Awarded to Date Keeps Going Up!

Greetings, fans and friends! How much has PCH awarded in prizes to date? Well, that depends on when you ask! You see, right now, as I write this blog post, PCH has given away over $433 million in prizes! But ask me that question in a few weeks from now, and certainly months from now […]

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom — from Our House to yours!

You sang them to sleep and bandaged their knees. Went without so they wouldn’t, taught them “thank you” and “please.” Gave them the nerve when they wanted to quit, Held their hands when the doc said, “This won’t hurt a bit.” Cheered at the games, clapped at the plays, Kissed each one goodnight at the […]