Where In The World Would You Go If You Won Millions From PCH?

Where in the world would you go if you won millions from the PCH Sweepstakes? If you won a SuperPrize, you’d be able to book flights and vacation in so many wonderful destinations around the entire globe. So, where would you choose to go? We thought of just a few ideas for you now, and […]

7 Vacations YOU Could Take With $7,000.00 A Week For Life!

Has anyone ever asked you, “If you could, where would you really, REALLY like to go on vacation?” I’m asking you that because very shortly, someone could win an astonishing $7,000 A Week For Life prize in our “Special Early Look” prize event on April 26th! And if you become the winner, you could make […]

Did you get this special PCH Notice in your mail? Well, OPEN it!

Guys, this Notice, containing the Web address www.pch.com/actnow, delivers a very exciting message: that an entry in your name for a huge PCH SuperPrize from Giveaway #13000 has been authorized for processing on the Winner Selection List! (The Winner Selection List is the official Publishers Clearing House record of entries that are eligible to win.) […]

The First Website I Visit Every Morning Is _____

GOOD AFTERNOON! Some of you have already visited the blog today. In fact, for many of you, our very own PCH blog might be the very first website you visited this morning. We hope it is … what better way to kick off your day then to read a post by some fantastic PCH blog […]

If You Won, Would You Choose Direct Deposit?

Decisions, decisions. It feels like every day, there’s a new important decision that needs to be made. It can get overwhelming, right? Well, if you won our $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize, you’d have another decision to make: Would you choose direct deposit or prize checks? Now that’s a decision we wouldn’t mind making! […]

Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For March

Hi everyone – happy March! As always – I’m here with your calendar so that you are aware of lots of cool sweeps happening this month. Make sure you enter everything on this calendar and visit PCH every day for even more opportunities. We are going to skip weeks one and six since they are […]