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Did You Receive a PCH Postcard With An Activation Code?

If you received a PCH postcard with a website URL and an activation code, READ ON!

Who doesn’t love checking their mail? You never know what you’ll find! Sometimes there’s a flood of mail coming to your house, sometimes it’s just a trickle. Either way, it’s easy to miss a postcard that may have slipped through the cracks or gotten mixed in with a magazine or a circular. It may be small but it could be delivering some very important news!

Even though our postcard doesn’t come from an exotic locale and say “wish you were here”, it does send GOOD NEWS your way — and you don’t want to miss out! So if you received a PCH postcard in the mail with an activation code, be sure to follow the simple step-by-step instructions below for a chance to win an exciting cash prize from our Fast 50 Sweepstakes!

What Does The PCH Postcard Look Like?

But before we get into those instructions, first let me show you what the PCH postcard looks like! Here’s the outside:

And here’s what you’ll see when you open it:

As you’ll see, the PCH postcard prominently features a website URL.

What are you supposed to do if you receive this urgent notice?

It’s very easy. First, locate the Activation Code on the back of your postcard. It’s a 5-digit code and it’s all you need to activate your entry online. Then follow these simple steps:

1) Type into your web browser (or just click on the link in this blog).

2) Once you get to the website, enter your 5-digit activation code into the white box that says, “enter code here”.

PCH Postcard Activation Code

3) Click Submit Code and a new page will pop up with a few more registration questions for you to fill out. Once done, click Continue and you’re all set!

See, I told you it was easy!

What If I Have Questions About How To Activate My Postcard?

I hope this answers any questions you may have. But if you have any other questions, please feel free to comment in the section below — we’re always happy to help! We do request that you do NOT enter your 5-digit Activation Code in the comments. This is your code to keep and use, and is not intended to be shared with others!

And remember, if you receive a PCH postcard, be sure to ACT FAST to get in on this LIMITED TIME opportunity.


Jane M.

PCH Creative

P.S. If you don’t get a postcard from Publishers Clearing House, don’t worry! There are still TONS of other ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes! For starters, you can head over to and enter to our incredible SuperPrize! You can also check out PCHSearch&Win where once you log in, you could win instant prizes just for searching!

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  1. I have a certificate of Entry notice I got a gold notice ID cuz it says it’s a sweepstakes registration form certificate of entry form and it says gold and notice $50,000 and this is brakes the bank for 15 whatever it is and it’s mine but I can’t find the activation fee but I went to activation code on it where do I look

    1. Hi Linda, There will never be an activation fee but there would be an activation code. At Publishers Clearing House your Satisfaction is our number one priority. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

  2. Scam call said I won but had to send 700.00 dollars, question if I ever won how does pch notify you or do they just show up at door.

    1. Hello Patricia, Winners will be notified through UPS delivery, Express mail, email or in person by our famous Prize Patrol at our option. We would never contact any of our winners in advance, nor will you have to pay any fees to receive your prize

      If you won:
      – Less than $600, the winner will receive the check via regular mail.
      – $600.00 to $9,999.99 in a calendar year, an affidavit of eligibility has to be notarized and returned back within 30 days and the check will then be sent out to you.
      – Anything over $10,000 will be awarded by the famous Prize Patrol.

      We wish you the best of luck!