You’d Better Be-Leaf You Can Find Fun With PCHSearch&Win!

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning, it’s getting darker earlier –– my goodness is it fall already? Well … not quite. The first “official” day of fall this year is on the 22nd, but I’m inclined to start celebrating earlier! And to put an autumn twist on this beautiful month, what better way […]

5 Things To Do To Get Pumped Up For Prize Day

Hello, dearest fans! You must all be so excited for tomorrow’s delivery of our SuperPrize! You’re not? Well, there’s plenty of reasons to be! If you entered to win our latest SuperPrize, the Prize Patrol could be coming to YOU! So, what are you going to do to prepare for Prize Day? Here are 5 […]

PCH Big Check Is Racing Toward A Winner!

Hey, Blog Readers, It’s me, your pal, Lucky, the PCH Big Check and I have been running my zeros all over the place trying to get ready for our next Prize Event!  I got my ink done, my seal polished and now I’m all ready to race toward our winner, but I couldn’t go without stopping […]

PCH Big Check Asks: Will Next Friday Be Your Lucky Day?

Hey Blog Readers – it’s your pal, Lucky, the PCH Big Check and I hope you’re as excited as I am that we’re JUST ONE WEEK AWAY from our $1,000.00 A Day For Life Special Early Look Prize Event! That’s right – next Friday is Prize Day and I’m going to be at our Winner’s […]

10 Surprising Things I Didn’t Know About PCH Until I Worked Here

A lot of people wonder if Publishers Clearing House is real—do they really award those huge prizes? Certainly, you can’t get all of that money for nothing…But it’s true! It’s one of the many things that I learned about PCH, and I continue to learn more with each passing day! I won’t unload everything that […]