What Would Be The First Thing You’d Spend A Big Check On?

Imagine being home one day, hearing a knock at the door, and opening it to see the Prize Patrol standing on your front steps with balloons, champagne and of course a BIG CHECK in hand! This fantasy has become a reality for so many of our loyal fans. The life-changing prizes awarded by the PCH […]

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Bad Do You Want To Become The Next “Forever” Prize Winner?

There’s hoping, and then there is HOPING! With all eyes on the upcoming SuperPrize, we need to know … HOW BAD do you want to win the next “Forever” Prize, GUARANTEED TO BE AWARDED to a lucky winner on February 28th?  Think about it. On a scale of 1-10, how strong is your desire to […]

Follow-Up With $2.5 Million Mega Prize PCH Winner Carol Guiles!

When someone becomes a PCH winner, one of the interview questions I always ask is “before the Prize Patrol showed up, did anything feel different about that day?” Oftentimes the answer to this question is “no, not really!” but every once in a while, someone surprises me, like recent winner Carol Guiles! “The day before, […]

Go On A Shopping Spree Guilt Free With Publishers Clearing House

Can you imagine walking into your favorite store and filling your cart with everything and anything you wanted? For most of us, that is the complete opposite of our day-to-day shopping trips. If you’re like me, each time I walk into my favorite stores I head right for the clearance rack to try and get […]

Did You Receive A PCH Envelope That Says Final Claim?

Hey Blog Readers, Can you imagine losing millions of dollars to one of your neighbors? Ouch… What a devastating thought! But that’s exactly what could happen if you forfeit the rights to what turns out to be the matching winning number from a Final Claim package. Did you get one? If so, you have a […]

Guess Who’s Back In Our New Publishers Clearing House Commercials?

This past fall has been particularly busy for us here at Publishers Clearing House. Of course it’s always a busy time here at PCH. Giving away all of that money really is a lot more work than it looks! Which is why we don’t mind getting a helping hand every now and then. This is […]