Who Is Today’s Winner Of PCHLotto Mega Money Multiplier Prize?

PCH Lotto!!! Does that ring a bell? Is your answer YESSS? Pay attention then! Is your answer no? Get it together! Pay closer attention and learn more about how you can win big. Today, we are going behind the scenes of Award Day! So, stay tuned! The Prize Patrol is on the road right now […]

Don’t Miss PCH’s Mega Money Multiplier Event: Only Days Left

MULTIPLIER ACTIVATED: GET IN TO WIN BEFORE IT’S GONE! You read that right: You can play PCH’s exciting Mega Money Multiplier DAILY for a shot to win up to $250,000.00… but this scratch card won’t be around for much longer! Yep! PCH’s Mega Money Multiplier Event is here BUT IT WILL DEFINITELY BE GONE IN […]

Play Pick 6 At PCHlotto! It’s Fun And It’s FREE!

Have you had any luck lately playing the weekly state lottery drawings? I’m sure if you play faithfully you have the same routine … you plop down some hard-earned cash, maybe every day along with your morning coffee and newspaper, for a chance to win. That “pay to play” routine can add up to lots […]

Follow The Clues for Today’s Big PCH Prize Award!

Hey, everyone! We’re doing another giveaway today, and this time it’s the $1 Million PCHLotto Life Is Rich Prize! You read that right, someone this very day is going to be surprised by the Prize Patrol with $1,000,000.00 from PCHlotto! Did you get your PCHlotto entries in for this event? If you did, then the […]

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Hey there, friends and fans! Did you know that there’s a PowerPrize Drawing at PCHlotto TOMORROW NIGHT? And if you win, you’d receive $3,883,495.15! Can you imagine how your life could change with that kind of money? Debts repaid, lifestyle upgraded, future set, all because you went to PCHlotto and claimed your PowerPrize numbers. What’s especially […]

Share The Holiday Magic with PCHlotto!

During the month of December, it’s easy to notice the warm, gift-giving spirit of the holiday season! So, starting today (and running the whole month), PCHlotto  has come up with a whole new way for you to win…and share the incredible PCHlotto-riffic prize opportunities with your friends and family! We’re calling it “Share The Holiday […]