Behind The Scenes On Award Day: Mystery Prize Mania Winner

I hope you love a good mystery, because I’m sure you’ll love today’s THE MOST! That’s because the answer to this puzzle is to find the Prize Patrol at your doorstep! Well, if you entered and are selected the winner, that is! That’s right, the Prize Patrol is hitting the road again today to award […]

Want To Make This Summer Count? Try PCHSearch&Win!

Hello, Friends and Fans! August is here, and the sun is shining stronger than ever! No matter how you want to spend this marvelous month let PCHSearch&Win help you along the way! How Can You Use PCHSearch&Win To Make Sure Your Summer Is Spectacular? Don’t let your summer pass by without fully enjoying it. Thanks […]

Drink Recipes for the Month of August

On a hot and sticky day there isn’t much to do to get away from the scorching heat of the sun. You can stay inside, close the windows and hibernate in the cool of your air conditioning. Or you can get out and enjoy your summer! But while you’re out there, it’s important to stay […]

You Can Get in to Win PCHSearch&Win’s Mystery Prize Mania Event!

Hey there, friends and fans! Can you believe we’re just about halfway through the summer already? Between weekend getaways and holiday BBQs, we hope the summer has been treating you well! And now we’ve got even more exciting news: starting today, you can get in to win our Mystery Prize Mania Event and PCHSearch&Win! If […]

Planning A Last-Minute Summer Vacation? Try PCHSearch&Win!

Hey there, readers old and new! Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you figure out every detail of your plans as far in advance as possible, or do you fly by the seat of your pants and wait until the last possible minute? I personally swing WILDLY back and forth between the two […]