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  1. I want to say that PCH is what everyone need a group of people who place smiles on faces and give people hope we need that these days because some of us are facing some difficult times Thank You PCH for being there to take the pressure of people and giving them a chance to have a fresh start in life

  2. If I win there is a few Charities that I would like to donate to and also would like to start , I have a miracle already that I’m grateful beyond any measure with my 18 yrs old daughter Sha . when She was 8 We almost lost her to a brain tumor that kills 90 % of its victims due to being positioned behind the brainstem . and A brain surgery at Cooks Children’s Hospitial and the Amazing staff of Nurses Doctors and Surgeon who I probably don’t thank the Creator enough nor do I believe it’s possible to thank enough for creating such Dedicated ,Professional and Careing Group of individuals at Cooks Children’s hospital and Children’s Hospitial Like Saint Judes across this Nation and worldwide , with partnerships with Ronald McDonald House and to many to name charitable organizations and yet there still too few I feel. I am haunted to this day with the feeling of something on my child trying to take a precious innocent life , I’ll never forget the look in other parents eyes when waiting for a phone to ring with an update during the countless and seemingly endless hours of surgery The fear and worry , the begging bargaining at least I tried with God to please let her live , I would do anything just let these kids be whole again and live Healthy long lives ..Sadly not everyone got that blessing . Hard to put into words the Range of emotions experienced when your child survives but a family next door or down the hall is shattered and broken and feeling bad for being thankful it wasn’t your child . The realization of how truly powerless we are at times of distress and emergency when odds are slim and protocol limited for any reason , seconds become you’re enemy and minutes and hours their allies. Every day off scheduled or spent on vacation ,huge sources of regret , Life savings ,and checking accounts deplited The extra hours if worked could of maybe bought a few more seconds of time maybe few minutes or maybe an whole hour for those parents who lost their child No amount would or could of been too much . I would of given all the gold in Fort Nox if I was standing where’s the countless parents even in this very moment a family is experiencing that loss . Grief anger ,sense of failing depression and the acute awareness of just how bright children make our lives . I experienced it all twice at twelve my daughter’s tumar grew back . There is much more I could write , the more accurate timeline of events . But to this very day I still cry when I see my daughter smile and due normal teenage activities , school boyfriends gossip slumber parties with and soon I’ll see her walk across a stage and I’ll cry like I’m doing right now writing this little bit .
    The giving back is my favorite part of PCH !! Hope it continues to grow in amounts for years to come . with much Gratitude and Respect !!

    Travis K.