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  1. If I was to win millions I would first take care of my bills I’m struggling with next I would put aside for my 3kids then I would get a house for us and a car which we need to get around and then take a trips and go on vacations. .Lastly I would donate and help out the community and share it with my family and friend .

  2. I, Allen, VIP Elite member,, am claiming the following: 3x entries for PCH GWY#13000 in thaof SUPERPRIZE for $25000 A-MONTH-FOR-LIFE!Sweepstakes,and also PCH GWY #1300 for an UPGRADE to $30,000 A-MONTH-FOR-LIFE! thank you for the opportunity PCH.

  3. I would love to win and clear debt, have a nice stable roof over my head with not needing so much handywork and give my kids more stuff they need and at least one nice vacation

  4. I would take care of my bills then l would open a Place for victims of trauma to heal and turn there life’s around! Take a vacation!

  5. I love all the episodes of the things go by and as far as prize patrl is concerned. To make people 😊 ..