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  1. Wishing everyone a great WIN! During this hard time I pray that someone that is struggling WINS big #Pchblog #pchgwy #16000 and pch gwy #15000
    Au g, 31.2020

  2. Well I would thank God and pch people for helping me when I did understand the games or just they were ther and they knew the right things to say to help me along the way and I really appreciate them very much couldn’t ask for a better set of people to help and yes I would help other first because god helped everyone so if I could just help a few I would be happy Amen

  3. Shari Spadafora of Provo Utah is looking forward for PCH to come to my home with the GWY 16000 – $7,000.00 a week for life. All the money I have shared with others will come back to me 7000x more and I am so ready. August is going to be my month and I will be waiting for the knock on my door where I will be jumping up and down with joy and gratitude. I will probably be in shock and in tears and will be saying to myself my prayers have been answered and it was well worth playing with PCH and enjoying every second of it. You guys are amazing.

    1. Make sure you keep entering for your chance to become a lucky winner. Commenting on the blog will not secure entries into our many exciting giveaways. Click here to see how to claim your entries each day: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  4. Hi PCH , love playing the games they’re awesome. Well if I the lucky winner to claim these prize’s #16000 # 12348 # 14700 #15000 #14701 #15870 #13783 #15803 #15001 #16207 #16208 I would look at my family and say the worry is over for us.Than me being the host I’m I’ll look at the prize patrol and say pop that bottle because the time to toast to a life-changing experience. And the party on me!! And look at every and pull “Oprah Winfrey” and say ☝️YOUR BILLS ARE PAID ☝️AND YOUR BILLS YOUR BILLS ARE PAID☝️ ETC. I’m sure everyone get my point. As a family we had our share of up’s and downs as every family does. So YES I want the life changing experience. Thanks and As a VIP elite member I’ll play it to win it. Thanks Michael Shane Harris

  5. Please entry all my Claims pchgwy#16000 and pch gwy#15000
    Au g
    Thank you pch and vip elite for this opportunity prize and prize patrol for coming $7,000a week for life and to win thank you every body god bless you all

  6. Cindy Arbogast I am in it to win the PCH $ 7,000.00 a week for life and it will give me a new start on August 31st