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  1. Just want to win it as i never had money for livelihood. Or anything of my own but i luv to help others from what i been blessed with

  2. I love PCH and have been following for a while. I was honored to be given the VIP Elite status and am very proud to be their client Presidential Preferred.

    Now I want to be the BEST SEARCHER IN THE WORLD!!
    Set me up for the PCH Search and Win the $10,000,000.00 Superprize! (Gwy.#8800).
    Please give me the chance I need to pay for (3) college educations. We would be very grateful
    Thanks PCH 😇💕🙏

  3. Would love for my name ro be on the next million dollar check. I’m a believer. Thanks in advance.

  4. Oh my goodness! If PCH showed up at my door I would be jumping up and down, whoo-hooing and yippee!!! I have never won anything even after over 35 years of entering every time I could. What a joy it would be!! I think first I would build a little better fences for the cows so the little ones don’t get out (grass is always greener, lol), then celebrate with my family and friends (can you say neighborhood pig roast?). Helping the children in area schools would be great, and I would surprise people in anonymous “paying it forward” ways, Whoo-hoo! Come to Michigan, PCH!