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    1. I have been send a i’m envelope saying search here 4x entries $7,000.00it look like gold and it that and 777 #11000 #11018 I don’t know what is what but
      I’m happy however when I try I’m tired I’m sick and I I do everything when I don’t get enough sleep I’m already sick so I’m going time but I could just do so much my dr. that not to take it to a stream because my house after so hard you know how long I don’t but I’m trying and I’m gonna keep on trying but slowly it’s kind a hard but I’m happy whoever wins I’m not selfish when Lord pick the person you have to set that and I gratulation whoever when I thought about faith and hope it’s all about that my important anything somebody smile it counts though account for me too I want to keep on Trying but I know when they get there but I have to take it slow and healthy more important to so whoever went out there enjoy enjoy life have hope space it was your love ones and congratulation I really seeing who won

  1. First thing I do call my kids the next thing I do I think Lord guess I didn’t give up I had hope and faith and the second thing I will do give me a Home something that I could share it you know I’m a kids take come over when my can my grandkids make a picnic in the back I know my kids because I’m a little bit sick the best thing is for mother to have their back when they need something even though they grown they got their own place with kids but I know my kids they see a smile my face that’s the whole world for them and my world to make sure That they be OK too thank you

  2. Morning Danielle 😁 If I win the $7000. A WEEK for LIFE with my WINNING number ~ First thing I might do is faint, Then I would Thank GOD & ALL OF YOU for coming to make me a WINNER! Then I have a list of family & friends I would like to help first ~ and then I would sit down and let it soak in…Just how Blessed I am after all that I’ve been through knowing God will always in His time give you what you need! God Bless

  3. publishers claring house Emily gee 6900e.g. claim’s owner of winner i claim check for big prize i emily gee claim’s dream and a chance 6900eg foever sweepstakes winner and emily gee claiming photos