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  1. I grew up poor so. I know having this money would attempt me to spend crazy but. I. Wouldnt. Giving back. To. Charity’s and hospitals would certainly be a good idea for me. I’ll be able to. Pay for my collage tuition live life open my Solan like I. Most desperately wanted I’m 21 and. I’m full of life this would save my life!!!!

  2. I’m not much different from others have reasons for wanting to life is not working for me to have money will make things financially better that would improve my daily life.I hope you will help me anyway possible I would like to experience freedom to not worrying about paying rent car registration buying tires if I die who will stuck paying for my burial and giving money to my kids other things I will be very thankful for the last few years of life I could enjoy without having to work until I die.please do whatever you can thanks

  3. I would love to win pch and be able to care for a elderly uncle and Aunt who won’t be able to live alone anymore and will have to go into a Nursing Home. The same Nursing Home that caused the death of my mom in March with Medicine that’s not to be given to the elderly. I would love to help them to be happy in their last days….

  4. on my knee screaming holding my head laughing about to lose my mind ,jumping up and down,acting lil crazy??!!!,really can;t put it in words,i would be the happiest guy in the world,and that of fact,?!!!!!!,love pch?!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hello my name is Gloria Seddens I’m from Blackwood N J I’m still waiting for you to deliver my $2 million my car and $10,000 a week it’s been over 30 years well overdue ?

  6. The day is here!!! I don’t see you at my door guys!!! Ughh I’m sooo nervous!!! Come to New Hampshire!!! Come on PCH

  7. Tomorrow might be a big winners day!!!!!!!!!! I won’t be able to sleep tonight! I’m a wreck!.. What if it’s me? I hope I don’t make a fool of myself. I will probably go crazy. I hope I don’t cry. It would be a good cry. I heard on one of those preaching shows that you could ask God for money. So I did. I hope it’s okay, but it’s done. Well, I still won’t be able to sleep. I should have asked God for that too. I’m trying not to get too excited. I don’t want to hurt too bad. Thanks for listening. Paula