It’s Social Media Day! Do You Follow PCH?

Social media is a huge part of life today – it’s a great tool for keeping up with friends and family, finding out about the world around you, and connecting with people who share your interests. But did you know that Publishers Clearing House is on social media, too? It’s true! Where can you follow […]

#WinnerWednesday: This PCH Winner Won A Big Check For $10,000!

Nobody was home the first time the Prize Patrol went to the residence of Patricia Yuen in Glendale, California, but Patricia was thrilled when they returned. “I’m $10,000 richer today… just like that,” she said. “It’s amazing! Oh my goodness. I’m thrilled!” Patricia lost her husband recently but remains in good spirits with a positive […]

#WinnerWednesday: This PCH Winner Won A Big Check For $42,209!

There was no answer at our #PCHwinner’s door in Idaho, but friendly neighbor Dave walked over and helped us bring our winner home! Ford Bronco Sport winner Gary Lindstrom had a huge smile on his face the second he saw Howie and a camera crew walking towards him. “No way!” he exclaimed. Gary loves the […]

It’s National Selfie Day! 6 Tips For Great Selfies From The Prize Patrol

When was the last time you took a selfie? Maybe you wanted to show off your new glasses to a friend, or you wanted to capture a special moment with a loved one. Selfies are a great way to capture your image, because you can do it, well, yourSELF! With today’s smartphone cameras, great selfies […]

Celebrate Juneteenth With These Quizzes!

Juneteenth, a shortened way of referencing June 19th, marks the day in 1865 when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas and ensured that all enslaved people be freed. While the Emancipation Proclamation had already been signed for two years, it only really applied to places under Confederate control and not to states already under Union […]

Mark’s Giant Check Was NOT An April Fools’ Joke

When Dave climbed up Mark Adair’s steps, ready to change his life forever, Mark was definitely not expecting a huge prize from PCH. He was expecting dinner! After Dave greeted Mark at the door and confirmed that he was the same Mark that PCH was looking for, Mark blurted out, “Oh, OK, well this is […]

How to Take Surveys and Collect Tokens with PCHSurveys

There are tons of websites online where people can get paid to take surveys. While doing so won’t make you a millionaire, it is an easy way for folks to earn rewards. But did you know that Publishers Clearing House offers something similar to our fans? That’s right! Sharing your opinions through PCHsurveys can earn […]