#PCHOpeningDoors – With Lori & Tia

Will Your Door Open to Find a “Win It All” SuperPrize? Remember the old saying, “open sesame?” That was the magical command from Ali Baba And the Forty Thieves, which “opened the doors” of the caves that concealed hidden treasure. Well, we may not have gold-filled caves today (or do we?), but we do have […]

The Real Prize Patrol Doesn’t Send Friend Requests

Greetings, fans and friends, Imagine this: You’re on Facebook, catching up with your “besties”, maybe watching the latest episode of Inside PCH …when you notice that you have a friend request that appears to be from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. Or maybe you’ve received a private message from what appears to be Danielle […]

One Week Until We Open Someone’s Door…Will It Be Yours? #PCHOpeningDoors

Hi, everyone! I’m sure you’re all getting pretty excited that we will be awarding a GUARANTEED Win It All prize IN JUST ONE WEEK, huh?! I mean, it doesn’t really get much better than THAT! One lucky winner will be receiving $1 Million PLUS $1,000 A Week For Life PLUS a brand new car on […]

Win More Than Cash With The “Win It All” Prize!!!

By now, you’ve seen all the entry opportunities, online ads, and TV commercials for the “Win It All” prize – $1,000,000 immediately plus $1,000 A Week for Life – and how it’s guaranteed to be awarded June 29. And that’s great! Another guaranteed prize shows just how committed Publishers Clearing House is to be making […]

Delicious Recipes To Get Your Summer Started Off Right!

I am SUPER excited today, fans. Can anyone guess why? Well, if you didn’t already know, today is the first official day of summer and it’s my favorite season of the year. I love the long, sunshine-filled days, the warm sun and yes, even those brutal 90+ degree days! Of course, with a new season […]

Win $25,000 To Make Gas And Grocery Bills Go AWAY!

Hello, my friends! Are you getting “sticker shock” at the gas pump? Although gas prices aren’t as astronomical as they were 6 years ago, we’re watching them steadily creep up — up to $3 per gallon here on Long Island NY, where everything seems to be more expensive. For many of us nationwide, having a […]

Play FREE Online Games at PCH – Like Our Brand New “Nut Rush”!

You will be NUTS about this NEW PCH game – Nut Rush! Get out there and play this free online game NOW while it’s still brand new! By playing ASAP, you could soon reach a high score… and YOUR NAME could appear on the ALL-TIME TOP SCORERS list! Read on here to find out more […]

Become a Millionaire & Change Your Life!

Hi everyone. Question for you: As a dedicated PCHer, about how many times a day do you think about how you could become a millionaire? Do you think about how it could change your life? I think everyone on the planet has thought about this at one time or another – especially PCH fans. I’m […]

PCH Big Check Asks: Do You Want Me At Your Door Next Week?

Hey, Blog Readers, It’s your pal, Lucky, the PCH Big Check!  As you can see, I’m trying to get a head start on packing for our big “Win It All” Prize Award next week and wanted to say, “hi” to you Blog readers before we hit the road!  Can you believe it’s so close already?!? […]

Today I Learned _________

No day is wasted so long as you learn something. Anything! Whether it’s a fun fact about your favorite band or learning how to fix things around the house, you should try each day to learn something new. And you can do that with PCHSearch&Win! PCHSearch&Win is your destination to look up just about anything […]