How To Share Wincredible With Your Friends!

Hello Friends and Fans! Did you know that you can share the Wincredible app for iPhone with your friends? That’s right. It’s time to spread the good word about the trivia app from PCH that brings you Live games and real prizes! Wincredible has this awesome feature where you could let literally anyone join in […]


Debt. Nobody wants it, yet most of us have it. It’s like a bad cold that won’t go away. But here at PCH, we’ve come up with an idea that could possibly help, and it’s no coincidence that the SuperPrize award date is just around the corner. Want to get out of debt? Enter now! […]

Follow-Up Winner Interview With $1,000,000.00 PCHlotto Winner!

Most of the good things in life don’t come easy, right? For example, in today’s PCH winner interview with PCHlotto “Life Is Rich” $1,000,000.00 winner Jason Lawler, you’ll learn he’d been entering for about five years! But this is one person who truly values his newfound fortune, because he never gave up! “It’s been over […]

#PCHOpeningDoors … YOU Could Open the Door to Riches in Days!

Opening a door can be a positive experience in anyone’s life, whether it’s opening the door to a long-lost friend or loved one or opening the door to find a tax refund check in your mailbox. Well, in a little over a week, our Prize Patrol could create the ultimate #PCHOpeningDoors experience: delivering $1,000.00 A […]

Last Chance To Go For Tonight’s PCHlotto PowerPrize Drawing!

Hurry, friends and fans! Time is ALMOST OUT to go for tonight’s PCHotto PowerPrize, where we’re looking for a winner of $4,538,834.95! That’s OVER $4.5 MILLION! How’s that for some excitement to get you through hump day? That’s right, in just a few short hours, we could be making a new multi-millionaire — and if […]

Winner Wednesday: If You’re a PCH Winner, You Can Be the Boss!

Hello once again, fans and friends! And happy #WinnerWednesday! Once again, I’ve referred to PCHSearch&Win to see what interesting holiday or observance happens today, and I’ve discovered that today, October 16th, is National Boss’ Day! National Boss’ Day is a time for many workers to appreciate their employers, to thank their bosses for being kind […]

5 Ways $1,000 A Day for Life Could Change Your Life

In case you haven’t noticed, the current Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize is one of the most lucrative on record – $1,000 A Day for Life!!! The easy math says that’s $365,000 a year, and that’s a not-too-shabby income. I mean, there are plenty of ways to earn $1,000 a day for life, right? You could […]

Only One Week Left to Enter to Win $1,000 A Day for Life!

Greetings, fans and friends, I have an important announcement to make! Are you ready? Listen up: Today marks one week left to enter for a chance to be in the running to win $1,000 A Day for Life in our Special Early Look prize event! That’s right … one lucky winner could receive $1,000 every […]

Decorating For The Holidays With Festive PCH Merchandise!

I know, I know, it’s way too early to start thinking about decorating for the holidays. I can almost hear you all saying, “We haven’t even gotten past Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving!” But think about it. Is it really too early? When you start running out of time during the holiday rush, wouldn’t it be […]

Motivational Monday: Get In to Win the SuperPrize

“I’m so glad it’s Monday!” Said no one, ever. Mondays can be hard. Finding the motivation to scale your weekly To Do List can seem harder than climbing Mount Everest. Even getting in to WIN $1,000 A Day For Life might seem like too much to handle right now. Sure, you can clearly imagine what […]