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A Millionaire Every Month At PCH!

Here at Publishers Clearing House, we are all about WINNING! That’s why every month in 2022, we’re making a millionaire! Check out our winners so far this year, and keep playing for your own chance to get a big check.

January: Michael C. Won $1,250,000!

It’s not always easy for the Prize Patrol to find our winners, but we never give up! When Danielle knocked on Michael Chavez’s door in San Francisco with that Big Check for $1,250,000, nobody was home. Luckily, his twin brother came home shortly after our arrival and was able to help get Michael home – making sure to keep everything a surprise, of course.

Michael finally arrived and recognized us immediately, saying, “Wow, Danielle is at my door!” A retired fire chief, Michael loves entering the sweepstakes and couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to him. The first thing he wants to do is fix up his house and go out to dinner with his brother to celebrate his big win. His advice? “Keep entering because it could be you!” Way to go Michael!

February: Sherwin B. Won $5,000 A Month “Forever”

“You must be looking for my son!” said the mother of winner Sherwin Baboolal after she opened the door of their home in Queens, New York. Sherwin appeared wide-eyed a few moments later and said, “I was just entering! Right now!”

Shocked and awed, Sherwin accepted his Big Check for $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” and said he will move with his mother out of New York to a warmer climate and buy a house. He also said he would go on his “first vacation” and buy a car equipped for his disability. Sherwin broke his leg in an accident nearly two years ago and unfortunately had to have the leg amputated, and he’s been unable to work since. “Thank you PCH!” Sherwin shouted as he waved $5,000 in cash over his head, which we gave him on the spot to get his first week started!

March: Mark A. Won $1,000,000!

When the Prize Patrol approached Mark’s Boston home, we saw him come out on the porch as if he expected our arrival. He was on the lookout for the family’s dinner delivery; instead, we walked up with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check! His wife Sara arrived on the scene and couldn’t believe it either — as neighbors drove by awestruck, never expecting to see close-up what they’d seen on TV countless times. YES, those Prize Patrol presentations are REAL!

Mark, retired from the Air Force, has seen a lot of the world, but is looking forward to some more traveling. Next stop: Switzerland! Congratulations, Mark!

April: Pamela S. Won $1,000,000!

In the middle of cleaning out her closet, Pamela was surprised to hear knocking on her apartment door Saturday afternoon. She gasped as she opened the door and saw the Prize Patrol smiling back at her with a BIG check for $1,000,000.00!!!

Overjoyed, Pam said she could really use the money to buy a new car, take a trip to London, and help family members. Her first time winning, Pam has been entering since 2005. Pam called her sister who also enters the sweepstakes, and both were screaming over her winnings as neighbors in the apartment complex gathered to congratulate her.

Pamela’s advice for others? “Obviously it does happen! People really win! It really happens! Thank you PCH!” Congratulations, Pamela!

May: Sharon E. Won $1,000,000!

An unexpected knock on the door woke winner Sharon up from her nap, and what a way to wake up! In complete disbelief, it took a while for reality to sink in that she won $1,000,000.00 from PCH! “I recognize you.” said Sharon, as she went on about how this was truly “unbelievable”. Her son, Rich who lived next door came over along with several neighbors who were clapping and cheering for Sharon! Rich was also in total shock that his mom won.

Retired from several administrative jobs, Sharon said they will go to Hawaii for a vacation and help out family members. Sharon had won $10 once before and was grateful for the extra 0’s this time! Her advice for others was to “Keep on playing, just keep on playing”.

June: William H. Won $1,000,000!

When the Prize Patrol arrived at the home of William Hoerman in North Fort Myers, Florida, William’s brother David answered the door and said, “He’s getting his pants on.” When William finally came to the door to accept his big check for one million dollars, he was grateful and surprised. “Oh my God. Thank you! I’ve been trying so hard,” he said.

In fact, not only did William enter the sweepstakes the day that he won, he said that he spends about three or four hours a day entering. When asked if he had any plans for his winnings, William said, “A new car and a new computer… and plenty to invest.” His advice for others? “Keep entering and it comes true,” he said. “It seems like a dream.”

July: Rob S. Won $1,000,000!

“OMG! OMG!” exclaimed Rob when he opened the door and saw the Prize Patrol standing there with roses, balloons, champagne and the Big Check — for $1 Million! Rob won $2,500 from PCH a few years ago and was pretty pleased with that, but NEVER expected to see such a SuperPrize! Nonetheless he kept entering – – virtually every day – – and it sure paid off.

A retiree, transplanted from Illinois to Southern California, Rob has a car in need of major repairs and bills to pay. Beyond that “Who knows?” says Rob. “I’m stunned!” But he will keep on playing lots of PCH games in hopes of winning again — and urges all of you winner hopefuls to do the same.

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