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Best Word Games to Play and Their Benefits

PCH fans know just how much fun playing games can be, no matter if the game is online or in-person. But did you know that there are a slew of games that are good for your brain as well? That’s right! Games can be great for keeping you sharp, lifting your spirits, and providing other boons for your health and mood.

Of course, PCH offers some fantastic games that can help players reap these benefits. But let’s take a few minutes to see exactly how these games are helpful and which ones are the best.

The Benefits of Word Games

Your brain is a muscle, which means that it is vital to exercise it regularly. Fortunately, puzzles and word games do just that while providing a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Increased concentration
  • Improved brain functionality
  • Better memory
  • Elevated vocabulary

Plus, there are various kinds of word games you can play, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

For instance, if you have ever wondered, “are crossword puzzles good for your brain?”. Play away, knowing that you are building a healthier brain. Not only are crossword puzzles entertaining, but they are great for exercising the brain and boosting players’ vocabulary, concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function. In fact, as the Washington Post recently reported, ” a study published in NEJM Evidence has found that regularly attempting a crossword may help slow decline in some people with mild cognitive impairment, an early stage of faltering memory that can sometimes progress to dementia.”

What about games like Scrabble? Is Scrabble good for your brain? You bet! Scrabble has similar health benefits as it helps to engage the mind, increase vocabulary, exercise creative thinking muscles, and improve concentration.

If we are going to talk about games that are good for your brain, it is important to ask, “Do word searches help your brain?” given how popular this type of word game is among word game fans. The good news is that word searches are fantastic for keeping your pattern recognition skills strong and spelling abilities sharp!

Word Games You Can Play Now

If you are new to playing word games, just know that they are simple to grasp, fun to play, and certainly fall into the category of games that are good for your brain.

In a nutshell, word games challenge players to guess, find, identify, or create words, depending on the type of game being played. Fortunately, playing word games online is incredibly easy, and there are tons of them available. For example, here are two fun, beneficial, and free word games you can play on PCH right now!

Space Word Race

In Space Word Race, players will choose their favorite Prize Patroller and send them soaring through space by selecting letters from a predefined set to craft words, with each letter having a specific value. The more points each word is worth, the higher your Patroller will go! Can you go further than the other rockets before time runs out? Find out now!

Play Space Word Race for Free!

Word Finder Deluxe

Word Finder Deluxe brings a completely different feel to players, tasking them with creating the longest words they can by dragging their mouse or finger over typewriter keys with randomized letters. In this one, words can be crafted by putting together letters from any direction. Ready to create the longest, most point-scoring word you can? Then check out Word Finder Deluxe now!

Play Word Finder Deluxe for Free!

The bottom line here is that there are tons of great word games that are good for your brain. At PCH, we offer a variety of beneficial word games that you can play for free. Plus, playing PCH word games could win you real-life prizes! So, what are you waiting for! Head over to our word games section and start feeding your brain today!

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