Classic Winning Moments with Publishers Clearing House

There is no question that the Prize Patrol has become an American institution since its debut in 1988. They are the quintessential example of the phrase, “often imitated, never duplicated.” Since that first delivery in 1988 – to the Yancys in Texas – the stage was set for hundreds of classic winning moments to follow, […]

You Never Have To Pay To Claim A PCH Prize!

Money for nothing. You’ve heard that one before. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that when it comes to winning a PCH Prize, IT REALLY IS TRUE! We mean it when we say it. You never have to pay a fee or send cash to claim a PCH […]

#WinnerWednesday: Is Publishers Clearing House Real?

Greetings, fans and friends … And welcome to another #WinnerWednesday blog! Let’s begin with a question that you, too, might be asking: “Is Publishers Clearing House real?” I’ve often heard it said – sometimes right here in the blog comments – that PCH is fake … that It’s a scam … that our winners are really actors. […]

It’s Not “Funny Money” To This Recent PCH Winner!

I was in one of our private phone rooms at Publishers Clearing House headquarters hysterically laughing, and I was so thankful that the rooms were soundproof. Recent State of Play $10,000.00 PCH winner Scott O. was cracking me up! So, to show you more of his “winning personality,” watch his winning moment below! As you can […]

Enter the Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes!

Hmmm… a modest but roomy ranch house – with a chef’s kitchen – a bedroom with a fireplace for Autumn to sleep near – and a big bathroom with his/hers options so I don’t have to look at beard clippings in the sink…. Oh hi, everyone. You caught me fantasizing about my dream home. Do […]

PCH’s Raffle 2 Riches Event Is Here! Get In To Win!

Raffle 2 Riches is BACK and we’re ready to name PCH prizewinners! Remember how amazing our Raffle 2 Riches event was last year? Well, we’re back at it again – PCH sweepstakes had such a great event last year that we decided to repeat the fun and winning again this year! So, here we are […]

Meet Matt, the Stats Man

Surely you’ve read some of Matt’s blogs, like his recent debate about the Big Check or his Father’s Day blog about Winning on Inside PCH! Or maybe you’ve seen him on our Facebook page on Inside PCH…! Matt is certainly a familiar face, especially if you tune into Inside PCH on Mondays! He is our noted […]

PCH’S Top 5 Most Common Reactions to Winning

I love watching videos of PCH “Winning Moments,” when our lucky winners open the door to see the Prize Patrol with their “Big Check.” The winners’ reactions always make me smile, laugh or even choke up! Every PCH winner is unique, of course, but over the years, we’ve observed the Top 5 Most Common Reactions […]

Winner Follow-Up with PCH Prize Winner Terrie S.!

Everyone is a fan of something, right? Some people are fans of sports, other people like arts & entertainment. But are you a true Publishers Clearing House fan? I know someone who definitely is, recent $10,000.00 PCH Prize Winner Terrie S.! Just recently, Dave Sayer came to her house to surprise her with a Big […]

Behind The Scenes At PCH: Meet Bianca!

Greetings, fans and friends! I know that you love when we post blogs about what goes on behind the scenes at PCH – whether it’s the “magic of television” in our Inside PCH studio … a glimpse into our fun-filled holiday parties… or what goes on right here at our offices. You’ve also met a […]