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What To Search For This Month At PCHSearch&Win!

Wow. What happened to the month of September? It’s hard to believe that we’ve turned another corner and are into a new month already — and October sure has plenty of things to plan for, get ready for, and totally enjoy! That’s where PCHSearch&Win comes in. Not only does it help you to find the information you need instantly, but it gives you chances to win exciting cash prizes and cool gift cards as you search, including a chance to win the latest PCH SuperPrize after you log in and do your first search of the day!

So what are some of the things to search for this month? Here’s a few suggestions that I think should be super helpful for the month of October, as we gear up for cooler weather and fun-filled fall activities.

Search For Some Warm and Cozy Fall Recipes!

October is a time of harvesting the hearty goodness from the earth. What better time to make the best of the terrific seasonal produce out there with delicious recipes you can find online? Looking for the best butternut squash soup recipe? Look it up on PCHSearch&Win! What about some fun Halloween cupcake ideas for the kids?

Use PCHSearch&Win To Get Ready For Halloween!

Want to learn how to carve a scary pumpkin? I found some really creative ideas when I searched. I even found some great patterns you can use to trace the designs onto the pumpkin before you start to carve. You’ll find step-by-step videos, too, on how it’s done. Want to save some money and make your own Halloween costumes this year? Find out what’s trending to help you come up with ideas. What you need to know to get it done is at your fingertips with a few clicks!

Find Out How To Get Your Home Ready For Cooler Weather!

The beginning of fall is a great time to prepare for the cooler weather outside your home and to spruce up the interior for the holidays that are coming soon. Find out who’s got the nicest, biggest mums for the best price on PCHSearch&Win. Search for the latest design ideas to add some warm colors to your home. Looking for ways to brighten up the lighting inside? You’ll find it online! Want some helpful tips on how to prepare your lawn for the cooler weather ahead? Now’s the time to start searching for what you’ll need to get it done and how to go about doing it!

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful colors and activities starting to happen all around us! You know you can always turn to PCHSearch&Win to get started on those projects! Let us know in the comments below what YOU’LL be searching for this month. I hope you find it all … and I hope you do it with the only search engine that gives you a chance to win while you’re at it!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I can’t wait to win this year’s(2022) PCH giveaway for life! I’m so excited it’s finally my turn to win weekly for life. Thank you Publishers Clearing House . My grandma is 98 years old and she said if she doesn’t get it, I will. So with the two of us still in the game our chances are perfect! Sincerely life long players awaiting your knock at our door at the end of this month. Oh do come in!! Kym.