Motivational Monday: Dream On And Dream Big!

As we begin a new year it’s a good time to take stock of what we hold dear and to focus on what’s important to us. And if you’re in it to win it, that means it’s time to dream big and set your sights on our upcoming $5,000.00 A Week Forever Prize! It’s also […]

A New Year, A New You! With Some Help From PCH Merchandise!

Happy New Year to all! I hope the new year brings a fresh new start and a brand new resolution to be the best that you can be! It’s worth a try at least, no? And when it comes to making changes, it’s best to start with ourselves, so that we can look and feel […]

Why Stay In It? One Of You Could Be The Winner Next!

Hello to all of you fans on the day after Christmas, and a few days after our latest lucky winner was surprised by the Prize Patrol with a huge millionaire-making prize. After all the excitement and fun of the holidays, and the prize award, now is a good time to recoup, regain your strength and […]

Would Winning Be Your Christmas Miracle?

No matter what your religion, the holiday season for all of us is about the spirit of giving, a sense of renewal, and hope for the future. Think of the shining star at the top of the tree or the lighted menorah – it’s all about the light within us that symbolizes hope, and the […]

What Would You Buy With $7,000.00 A Week For Life?

I suppose we all have our own secret wishes and desires! But have you ever stopped to really think about what you would do if you suddenly had $7,000.00 A Week  to spend? And I’m not just talking about having that kind of money for a little while … I’m talking about getting it every […]

Remember, This Is A Special Early Look Prize Event

You’ve probably seen the TV commercials for our “SET FOR LIFE” Prize Event, where you could win $7,000.00 A Week For Life! Yes, the excitement is building as we gear up for an incredible prize award on December 21st.  With just a few short weeks left to get your entries in, I’m here to remind […]