Shop At PCH For Great Deals On Gifts For The Holidays!

Need I remind you that the holidays are approaching? It’s time to put on your thinking caps and decide what would make the perfect gift. You know the drill. No matter how much preparing you do and thinking ahead, there’s always a mad rush at the end to get all of the shopping done on […]

Motivational Monday — Slow And Steady Wins The Race!

I’m sure you all know the Tortoise and the Hare story. It’s one of my favorite tales from Aesop’s Fables. That’s what came to mind when I saw this saying: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go … as long as you do not stop.” I thought it would be the perfect way to start […]

It’s Not Too Early To Start Your Holiday Shopping With PCH!

I know, I know. You think I’m jumping the gun on the holidays that are approaching. But seriously, if you’re any bit of a smart shopper you know that it’s never too early to get a head start on your holiday shopping, especially when you see something you know would be the perfect gift and […]

Top 10 Reasons To Shop At PCH!

If you’ve never taken advantage of the incredible deals we offer in our lineups of PCH Merchandise, then this blog is for you! Even if you are one of our loyal customers, and you already know what I have to say, it definitely bears repeating! I thought I would list the Top 10 Reasons why […]

Gear Up For Stormy Weather With PCH Merchandise Online!

It’s hard to believe that another summer has passed!  Now it’s only a matter of time before the colder weather sets in. This time of the year always makes me think about one of Aesop’s Fables that tells the story about the Ant and the Grasshopper. While the grasshopper was idling away the summer and […]

Motivational Monday: Quit Talking And Begin Doing!

Procrastination. We’ve all experienced it. I must confess that sometimes I will first do anything else that’s on my desk before buckling down to write what I know is due, or past due, and HAS TO GET DONE. Like this Motivational Monday blog! Procrastination. The dictionary says it’s the act of delaying or postponing something. […]