Motivational Monday: Do It Now – Enter The PCH Sweepstakes!

Welcome to another Motivational Monday! The message for today is to stop procrastinating about entering to win a PCH Sweepstakes that could change your life — stop thinking about HOW you’re going to do it, and just start DOING it. I think that’s what pioneer female pilot Amelia Earhart meant by saying “The most effective […]

Fabulous FREE Offers on PCH Merchandise – What Are You Waiting For?

Hello, smart shoppers out there! I don’t need to tell you what a thrill it is to find something you really need or want at a great price, do I? Isn’t that what shopping is all about? And if you love looking for the best deals around, day or night, 24/7 – and love doing […]

You Never Have To Pay To Claim A PCH Prize!

Money for nothing. You’ve heard that one before. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that when it comes to winning a PCH Prize, IT REALLY IS TRUE! We mean it when we say it. You never have to pay a fee or send cash to claim a PCH […]

It’s Time To Gear Up For School & To Enter To WIN Some Cash!

If you’re in it to win it and would love to win $100,000.00 Cash, then raise your hands! We’re giving our Gear Up For School sweepstakes high marks for fun and excitement. And it comes with a little bit of multiplication thrown in, too, like 5X Entries!  That’s right. Every entry gives you 5 chances […]

Gotta Get A Gift? PCH Merchandise Comes To The Rescue!

Well, it’s the height of the summer, and hopefully you’ve had a chance to relax and slow down a bit. Maybe you have no choice, because it’s too hot outside to do much of anything else! Running errands or shopping at the mall could be out of the question. But you have someone’s birthday coming […]

Shop PCH Merchandise Online For Hot Deals Too Good To Pass Up!

Good afternoon! It’s yours truly with another lineup of savings that I just couldn’t let you miss out on. Hopefully you’re all enjoying the summer weather and having fun in the sun, but today I wanted to share just a few of our money-saving deals that might even make your summer better!  They’re all part […]