The $10,000.00 Cash Blowout Starts TODAY!

Extra! Extra! Look at the headline! Starting here, starting now, you can get in to win $10,000.00 in the PCH Cash Blowout Event, GUARANTEED for award on 11/30! Friends and fans, would you believe that PCH is going to award yet another major cash prize this year? Just a few weeks ago, we awarded $2,500.00 […]

Today’s Games Tournament Is MAHJONGG MINUTE!

Hey there, friends and fans, and happy hump day! We’re about halfway through the work week, which means we’re halfway to the weekend! And what better way to break up the middle of the week than by getting in to win cash prizes at PCHgames when you play in today’s Mahjongg Minute tournament? If you’ve ever […]

Happy Halloween from PCH!

Happy Halloween, everybody! I (and the rest of the team at PCH) hope you have a fun and exciting day planned with your family! Whether you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating, going to a Halloween Party, or staying home and watching some scary movies (or, in my case, Hocus Pocus on repeat), you’re sure to have […]

Who’s the First Person You’d Call If You Won $2,500.00 A Week “Forever”?

Well friends and fans, TOMORROW, OCTOBER 26TH is the big day — someone is definitely going to win $2,500.00 A Week “Forever”! Are you as excited as I am to find out who’s winning this HUGE lifetime income? Especially since, if you’ve gotten in to win, there’s as good a chance as any that it […]

Use PCHSearch&Win to Find the BEST Halloween Costume!

Hi there, friends and fans! It’s almost time for my favorite holiday (well, second favorite holiday — my birthday’s in August): HALLOWEEN! Between the candy, the scary flicks, and the costume parties, what’s not to like? But I’m having a major problem this year…I have no idea what my costume should be, and I’m sure […]