Looking for At-Home Entertainment? The Quizmania App Is Now LIVE on Android!

Hey there, friends and fans! As current events continue to unfold, I hope you’re staying healthy in body and in mind! For those of you spending an increased amount of time at home, something you can do to keep up your mental health is finding fun new activities — I myself have started taking online French lessons to pass the time. But if you’re looking for fun and free entertainment throughout the day, look no further than the Quizmania App, now available on Android!

If you’re an iOS user, you might already be a fan of the Quizmania App, but it’s only just become available on Android. This is extremely exciting because of just how much fun the Quizmania App is! You’re sure to be impressed at just how much random knowledge you’ve found out over the year, over a variety of topics! Are you a nature lover? Spend some time playing our Animals Quizzes! Are you a history buff, like me? We’ve got quizzes for you too!

Why not discover your favorite category of quizzes now? Especially since…

Better still, you’ll score tons of Tokens by playing in the Quizmania App!

There are SO MANY ways to score SO MANY Tokens on the Quizmania App. Aside from banking Tokens on every question you get right, you’ll bring in thousands upon thousands of them for completing your daily challenge — A 25,000 TOKEN REWARD — and the quiz of the day — ANOTHER 5,000 TOKENS! And with other opportunities to keep banking them, you can easily rack up tens of thousands more a day!

Now, we here at PCH know that one of the biggest reasons friends and fans are so loyal is because of the life-changing prizes we award! In fact, we’ve awarded over $487 MILLION in prizes since we began awarding them in 1967. And in the Quizmania App, you can score entries to win our TV SuperPrize — currently $5,000.00 A Week For Life, authorized for award during our June 30th special early look prize event! But that’s not all!

With all the Tokens you’ll be banking, you’ll be able to get in to win other incredible prizes at the PCHrewards Token Exchange! At the Token Exchange, you can get in to win anything from gift cards to your favorite stores, to the latest and greatest technology, to a brand new car, and with thousands upon thousands of Tokens to redeem for entries to win, you’ll be able to go for whichever prizes you want!

So, Android users, are you excited to download the Quizmania App? With so much to do, it’ll certainly be a fun way to pass the days away!

Stay healthy and entertained!

PCH Online Creative

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