Bored? Download the PCH App & You Could Win Cash!

Hello everyone,

Are you stuck at home? Me too. And frankly, it’s boring. I’m trying to find ways to pass the time. Thankfully, I heard about a great way to keep yourself entertained – the PCH App! It’s free, fun and you could win a cash prize! That’s right, you could win cash by playing on this PCH app for Android!

You can download it now on the Google Play Store. Start playing within minutes! On the PCH App you can play games AND win prizes – including CASH! Plus bonus tokens!

And all from the comforts of home! That’s right, prizes are awarded at PCH every day, no matter what. Here are some of our recent winners:

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All these people won cash because they played on the PCH App! See, these winners all took a chance and won! And they’re from all around the country in different states and communities like yours!

So if you’re tired of sitting around, take a chance and play on the PCH App! As you can see above, prizes are still being awarded! Plus, you can score tokens that you can then use to go for even more exciting prizes at the PCHRewards Token Exchange!

Also, you can get more PCH SuperPrize entries on the PCH App! That’s right, in addition to tokens, you can claim bonus entries! We’re getting ready to award $5,000.00 A Week For Life in a Special Early Look Prize Event on June 30. Wouldn’t you like to have lots of entries for that sweepstakes? You can claim those entries now!

That’s the PCH App – a great way to lighten up a humdrum day at home! Download it today and you could be on your way to winning some cash. So stay safe, keep yourself entertained, and keep on playing! We hope to see you soon!

Rebecca M.
PCH Creative

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