It’s the LAST DAY to Enter to Win the PCHlotto Set For Life Prize!

Hello, everyone! It’s a little hard to believe that it’s already the end of May! Time seems to be flying by while a lot of us are at home these days. I am loving the warmer weather that May has brought, although I am worried about how hot the actual summer months of July and August will be! But now I’m getting sidetracked — I swear I do have some actual news to share with you all!

Today, I wanted to remind everyone that it’s the last day to enter to win the PCHlotto Set For Life Prize! This Life-Changing Prize is guaranteed for award on May 30th — just days away! I know that sometimes with so many sweepstakes and giveaways to enter, some might slip through the cracks, so that’s why I’m here right now to let you know that you should definitely complete your Set For Life Prize Card at PCHlotto!

With $500.00 A Week For Life on the line and the award date so soon, now’s your chance to get in to win so that you could become Set For Life with the help of PCHlotto. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever award day is this close, I always get so excited thinking about who the winner could be!

I know that a life-changing opportunity like this could help out so many people and their families. Between paying for groceries and bills, expenses can really pile up sometimes. That’s why this Set for Life Prize could really make a change and help so many people out.

And if you read these blog posts and ever feel discouraged that you haven’t won YET, I want you to remember to keep the faith! You never know what amazing opportunities are around the corner and what kind of cash relief could be coming your way. How could this Set For Life Prize help you? Leave me a comment below letting me know all the ways your life could change with this amazing prize!

Ilona K.

PCH Creative

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