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  1. Danielle sent me this message on messenger.
    And your winnings prize is ready to deliver
    Hello have you gotten the apple gift card?
    You didn’t get the apple card again
    Hello your money is ready to
    deliverSo when are you going to get the gift card?

    And your winnings prize is ready to deliver

    1. Hello Karen, Thank you very much for reporting the scammers that have contacted you. Stopping them is a team effort and we are happy that you are doing your part. While it may be tempting, we don’t encourage you to interact with them any more than is minimally necessary. Simply tell them that you know they’re not the real PCH and hang up or disconnect your mode of contact with them. To stop scammers from contacting you on Facebook, check out this PCH Blog article: As a reminder, you can report scammers to PCH at this link: Be careful and stay safe everyone!!

  2. I’m in it to win it. this is going to be the happiest day of my life and I can show my dad it is real cuz I do believe wishes really do come true but your got to play and be in it to win it all thank you for your time and support for this experience,,