Act Fast! Last Day To Enter For A Kindle Fire!

READ THIS if you want to win a Kindle Fire IN NO TIME! Act quickly before it’s too late; today is the last day to go for this prize at the PCHRewards Token Exchange! Make your way there today and you could soon be added to the list of PCH winners AND take your reading […]

Play Free Mahjongg Minute At PCH!

It’s Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with pizza and watching episodes of television shows. And guess what?! I have a fun activity for you for this weekend (and every day, really): Mahjongg Minute at PCHgames gives you the opportunity to play free Mahjongg AND play to enter to become a PCH winner! […]

It’s Time to Play Some Pop Pop Rush!

“POP!” That’s the sound that brings smiles to children’s faces around the world when they pop a balloon, and you’ll get that same thrill when you play Pop Pop Rush at! Well, you get that same thrill PLUS tokens that help you enter to win amazing prizes. But more on that later! Pop Pop […]

Spider Solitaire Will Really Suit You!

You’ve played Spider Solitaire before, right? If you have, you know it’s one of the greatest solitaire games around! Whether you play an easy Spider Solitaire single suit game or a more challenging 4 suit game, you’re in for a web of fun! The goal of the game is to make sure all four of your […]

Have You Played Mahjongg Enchanted Forest?

Hear ye, hear ye, friends and fans! Once upon a time, at PCHgames, there was a brand new game called Mahjongg Enchanted Forest. You see, the game designers at PCH were always looking to provide our gamers with exciting new ways to go for cash and bank Tokens! No sooner than the game was released, […]