SCORE! Today’s Tournament Game is Tri Peaks Rush!

Get ready, PCH fans … you’re in for a treat! Today’s game tournament is Tri Peaks Rush – and it’s one of the most popular, challenging, and addictive games we’ve got! Imagine this: you’ve got a mountain of cards standing between you … and ultimate glory. Think fast, because it’s your job to clear the […]

How Many Tokens Have You Scored Today?

So Many Reasons to Collect All You Can! Are you giving yourself the best/most opportunities to maximize your daily token count? PCH tokens could open the door to a world of riches, so it makes sense to bank as many as possible every day. PCH tokens are like a reward when there isn’t a cash […]

Get In the Fast Lane with Speed Solitaire

Got A Minute? Play Speed Solitaire at PCHgames By modern standards, I’m not a “gamer”; i.e., I have spent hundreds of dollars on a modern gaming system or spent thousands of hours learning how to play the first-person shooter games that dominate the market. However, I do love video games and have some online favorites […]

Were You a PCHrewards Token Exchange Winner in November?

Greetings, fans and friends! The month of November was filled with turkey, elections, Black Friday shopping, more turkey, weekend football games, honoring our veterans and, of course, even more turkey! And while one may tire of turkey (after all, how many turkey sandwiches and turkey casseroles can one eat after Thanksgiving?), no one gets tired […]

Big Wincredible Winners Alert!

Hello Friends and Fans! I’ve got some big news! There have been tons of Wincredible winners this month! Have you been playing? If not, check out the incredibly fun Wincredible app, designed for anyone who likes trivia and loves winning! Just answer easy questions for a chance to win exciting prizes. The faster you answer, […]

All about the game Minute Mania: 60 Second Word Finder!

The clock is ticking, so how much word search fun can you fit into just 60 seconds? You can FIND the answer in our Minute Mania game, 60 Second Word Finder! So, EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it! Publishers Clearing House has put forth an exciting way to play that’s worthy of Front Page news! […]