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What do Vampires, Pop Singers, Superheroes – and PCH’s Cash Sweepstakes Prize Delivery Team Have in Common?

They all have recognizable stars that make fun Halloween costumes!

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Breaking news – Dave Sayer’s baby photo has been found! All right, I admit it – this isn’t Dave’s baby photo – I’m sure Dave never had a hair out of place even as a baby. This is my niece Nina dressed as the famous PCH Prize Patrolman for Halloween. My sister Brooke wanted a truly original costume for her daughter, since she knows the rest of Nina’s childhood will likely be filled with more traditional looks, such as princesses, cartoon characters and pop singers. Naturally, I suggested she go as a Prize Patrol Deputy, and upon remembering the grey wig in my grandmother’s dresser, I recommended she go as the one and only Dave Sayer. “What will I wear?” asked Brooke. “I wanted to go as a Prize Patrol Deputy this year.”

“Well, that works out perfectly,” I commented, “because we always award the big cash sweepstakes prize check during the sweepstakes winning moment in teams.” So, to take advantage of the one year when Nina simply can’t refuse (although she did make her disapproval known by occasionally tossing her wig on the ground), we decided to make Nina the Director of the Prize Patrol for the afternoon. Brooke’s costume was the easy part; she simply borrowed my PCH Prize Patrol jacket. We couldn’t do the same for my niece, since we don’t carry them in her size, but it just so happens Miss Nina has a brand new navy blue pea coat for fall. We made a color copy of the PCH Prize Patrol patch and pinned it to her coat. My job was to provide the balloons (thanks Kathy!) and the big check, which I had since I’d be going on a real cash prizedelivery soon after that. “Be careful with that Big Check!” I begged Brooke. “Don’t even ding a corner! These are collectors’ items!” Brooke assured me the check was in good hands (Brooke held the check, Nina held the candy bucket), and we hit the road.

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Walking down the street attracted more attention than expected. Upon seeing the balloons and the Big Check, a couple of people driving past literally stopped their cars and asked, “Did somebody win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?!?” Explaining these were Halloween costumes and that the real Prize Patrol did not hire people under the age of 18, my sister was complemented on her originality and how authentic it all looked. Little did these passersby know that my sister was sporting real PCH-issue Prize Patrol gear. Many doorbells were rung that day, although no one was officially handed the big check, because Brooke and Nina didn’t have the heart to play “tricks” on their neighbors. Instead, they gave everyone a colorful PCH pen. “Use it to enter, or save some ink and fill out an online entry for the cash sweepstakes at,” said Brooke. Hey, that’s my line!

Finally it was time to return home and start giving out candy. As the kids approached us, I noticed the most popular costumes tended to be over-sized sports jerseys from my alma mater, Wantagh High School. “Where did you get these?” I asked the trick-or-treaters. Many answered, “It’s my older brother’s football jersey” or, “I borrowed it from my big sister. She’s on the softball team.” How about that? Borrowing the uniform of your older sibling for Halloween.

I guess some things never change.

Brenna S.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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