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NJ Cash Prize Winner Gets a Big Surprise

The PCH Prize Patrol Warms Up the Holidays for a NJ cash prize winner!

Two days after a Nor’easter hit the New York metro area, my PCH Prize Patrol partner Lori and I left Publishers Clearing House headquarters late at night for Blackwood New Jersey, the soon to be site of our next prize winning moment. Even 12+ inches of snow doesn’t stop the Prize Patrol. So two days before Christmas, Lori and I left our hotel, dressed in our Prize Patrol jackets, and feeling a bit like Santa. Patricia Schoelkopf had no idea she was going to star in the newest Publishers Clearing House winning moment and we could not wait to surprise her.

Prize patrol nj cash award

The bitter cold rushed through our Prize Patrol jackets as we ran up the Schoelkopf’s driveway, but it did not faze us. After ringing the bell we found out Patricia was at work for the New Jersey Transit Authority located just minutes away, according to her son-in-law. The whole family wanted to come along to experience Patricia’s winning moment so they piled into their minivan and we followed closely behind.

Outside of the big garage doors that lead to the NJ transit bus depot, we waited for Patricia’s daughter to locate her. Sure enough she did and as Patricia emerged we rushed up to give her a huge holiday gift, $10,000.00!

NJ cash prize winner schoelkopf

Wow! She was stunned. She couldn’t believe the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol was standing right in front of her, with a Big Check made out in her name. She had seen our winning moments on TV but never thought she would win. The NJ cash prize winner hugged us warmly and was so grateful for everything.

As we parted ways, Lori and I looked at each other and said, “Gee, what a great winning moment to share with your whole family during the holiday season! Even all this snow and cold weather could not stop the warmth and excitement the Prize Patrol continually brings to its customers throughout the year.”

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes!

Danielle B. and Lori S.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputies

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