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Another Sweepstakes Dream Come True

The PCH Prize Patrol arrived at the home of unsuspecting $10,000.00 winner Shirley Redmond at 3:00 pm that afternoon. ABC News 12 in Greenville joined us at Jefferson’s Florist and was on hand to capture the winning moment and interview Shirley about her sweepstakes dream come true. We were a little worried upon arrival since there were no cars in her driveway. As we were bringing the balloons, champagne and Big Check out of the Prize Patrol van, someone driving down the road saw the van parked in the driveway and pulled her SUV off the road with a screech, getting out and flagging us down. This turned out to be the PCH Winner’s niece, and once we assured her that we really were the PCH Prize Patrol, she told us she thought Shirley was home and wanted to be part of the big Publishers Clearing House Moment.

Agreeing, we all went to the side entrance and the cash sweepstakes winner’s niece banged on the door. In a minute Shirley appeared and we coaxed her outside and announced she had won $10,000.00 in the PCH Sweepstakes! After a few moments of disbelief she hugged her niece, thanked her Heavenly Father and shed a few tears of joy and relief, explaining how badly she needed the money for medicine since she was recovering from surgery.

Sweepstakes dream redmond1

Shirley told us she’s been playing the PCH sweepstakes for many years and that it has been her sweepstakes dream to win a cash prize! When we left she was assembling the roses, champagne and Big Check near the door so her husband couldn’t miss them when he arrived home from work. He had chided her on many occasions for filling out a PCH contest entry, and she was relishing the chance to show him how her faith had paid off!

Sweepstakes dream redmond2

We were thrilled to be a part of this unforgettable PCH winning moment. If you want a chance to get in on the action, go to for a chance to win the PCH InstaPrize and maybe your sweepstakes dream will come true!

Keith B.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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