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PCH Prize Award Team Enjoys Barbeque

PCH Prize Patrol Notes from the road, following a recent surprise prize award in Raleigh-Durham Area …

We arrived at Newton Grove Florist at 10:00 this morning to collect a dozen roses and inflate balloons with the help of the formerly skeptical proprietress. We waited to see if any of the media would venture down from Raleigh to cover the winning moment but by 15 minutes after the rendezvous time no one had showed up, so we departed for winner Diane Pulley’s home in Spivey’s Corner (home of the annual North Carolina Hollerin’ Contest) about 8 miles away.

We woke up her husband Tony, who had just gotten off the night shift, and then followed him 15 miles to Diane’s mother’s house in Dunn (where Diane was visiting) to give her the Big Check. She and Tony just bought their house a few months ago, so they can really put the prize award money from PCH to good use! Needless to say, it was a joyful winning moment!

Besides handing out prizes, these two PCH Prize Patrol members are really loving the amazing barbecue to be had hereabouts! One more prize award tomorrow morning and then we’ll head home.

Keith B. and Brian T.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputies

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