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PCH Free Online Lotto Earth Day Celebration

50,000 Trees!


PCHlotto, the PCH Free Online Lotto site, has partnered with Trees For the Future to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day Anniversary in BIG ways! For a limited time only starting April 16th, PCHlotto will offer members a special Go2 Green $500.00 Free Online Lotto Drawing Card and a Limited Edition “Grow Your Green” Trees for the Future Scratch Card that gives users a chance to win INSTANTLY! A $500.00 cash prize plus other fantastic prizes and gift cards will be awarded instantly during this event. Winners are guaranteed – play for free!

With Earth Day and Arbor Day just around the corner, PCHlotto wanted to thank its loyal members for their support while also donating trees to champion environmental projects.

The awesome part is that PCH is planting 50,000 trees in Haiti through Trees for the Future’s local community initiatives in the country! Since 1989, Trees for the Future has been helping communities around the world plant trees, and the recent earthquake in Haiti requires a renewed and urgent focus to be placed on the country’s devastated environment. PCH is proud to contribute to restoration efforts.

Just imagine, 50,000 trees! That is:

– Approximately 13 MILLION pounds of oxygen per year!1

– 416,665,000 sheets of paper! 2 Good thing our free online lotto cards aren’t made of paper…

– Savings of $350,000 in annual environmental benefits, including energy conservation and reduced pollution.1

Pretty cool, huh? Even cooler – you can go to PCHlotto on April 16th and play the 4 Lotto Drawing Cards, including the Go2 Green $500.00, and then scratch the “Grow Your Green” Trees for the Future Scratch Card for a chance to win INSTANTLY!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win! These free online lotto cards will be available for a limited time, so check it out before it’s too late.
You could become a millionaire by tomorrow! That’s right, you can win a MAXIMUM SUM of $1,261,500.00 in prizes on PCHlotto. Hurry!



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