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Using Art and PCH Memorabilia to Navigate the Halls of Publishers Clearing House

The Walls of PCH Have an Interesting Story to Tell

I’ve been working at Publishers Clearing House long enough to feel like it’s my “home away from home.”

But that wasn’t always the case. When I first started, my biggest challenge was just navigating the hallways. To explain, our main building is a sprawling one-story structure with twists and turns of a labyrinth.
Soon I discovered a useful trick to help me get around. No, I didn’t leave a trail of breadcrumbs to help me find my way back to my desk — I used the art on the walls as a guide.


You see, here at PCH, our walls are covered with interesting, eclectic items that really symbolize the company’s creative spirit. And, they certainly were a lifesaver for me! Soon I was turning left “at the big sepia-tone tie-dye on canvas” to get to the cafeteria and looking for the printer “by the painting of the mannequins.”

Now that I no longer rely on the wall decorations to help me find my way around, I’ve grown to appreciate the collection here at PCH on many levels. Framed PCH memorabilia such as magazine stamp sheets from the early days keep me mindful of where Publishers Clearing House has been, as we collectively look toward the future. Plus, meditating on different collages and illustrations is a great way to break through a case of dreaded “writer’s block.” However, my favorites are the framed photographs of SuperPrize® winners throughout the years. I marvel at the thrilled expressions on their faces and wonder what they are doing today.

Yes, the walls of Publishers Clearing House tell an interesting story – and I’m still listening. What about you? What’s unique about the art and photos hanging in your home or in your office? Is there a special story you’d like to share?

Warm regards,

Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative Department

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