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A Letter from PCH Sweepstakes Winner Dick Maigatter

One of our recent sweepstakes winners, Dick Maigatter of Wisconsin, recently sent Dave Sayer a wonderful email describing his plans for the $100,000 Tax Free prize that he won back in April. Here’s the original blog covering the winning moment in case you missed it: Wisconsin Tax Free Winner Happy that He Entered Every Day at

Hi Dave,

This is Dick Maigatter, the HAPPY WINNER of the $100,000 TAX FREE prize on April 29th.

I just wanted you to know that we received the DVD of the winning moment, and it was great to watch through the eyes of the camera.

On Mothers Day our daughters and spouses were here, as well as all of the grandchildren, and we all enjoyed the DVD so much that we watched it multiple times.

Little do any of them know but later this month all of them, and our church, will be receiving a portion of the winnings. It makes us feel so thankful that we can help them out.

I know our grandchildren (ages 20 – 27) can use it to help pay back student loans, and help send our great granddaughter to pre-school. It will be quite a day, and i am thinking of doing this on my birthday, May 29th.

We are blessed to have a part in building our new chapel at church.

We enjoy traveling, and now we can do more of that, and make several improvements to our home.

Again, Dave, thanks for the DVD and for delivering the life altering check.

Jean and Dick Maigatter

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