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The Sound of Sweepstakes Money – From Publishers Clearing House

A New York Times crossword puzzle a few days ago had the simple clue “Ka-ching.” The answer was — as you might guess –“the sound of money.” I’d prefer “the sound of sweepstakes money” but we can’t have it all!

I can think of another clue that would elicit the same “sound of money” answer. It’s this: “You’ve just won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Those are the wonderfully welcome words that I have spoken hundreds of times as the head of the PCH Prize Patrol when we’ve knocked on winners’ doors and delivered roses, balloons and – ta-dah! –Big Checks!

In my experience folks prefer hearing our announcement rather than that “ka-ching” sound. Why? Because most times when you hear “ka-ching” you’re near a cash register, and what strikes your ears is the clink of coins. Well, coins are nice; but, between you and me, a SuperPrize like $5,000 A Week for Life is more exciting. It’s a lot more than pocket change; it’s LIFE-CHANGING! And that SuperPrize is just one of the many, many sweepstakes money opportunities and cash prizes that can be yours from Publishers Clearing House.

Speaking of money, at Publishers Clearing House you can not only win money, but save money when you order one of our “unbeatable” magazine subscription deals or one of the many fine products that our merchandise buyers search the world to find. For decades we’ve been delighting millions of customers with our great values – with satisfaction guaranteed.

To enter our sweepstakes or to check out our magazines and product offerings, just click here on this link to We think you’ll be glad you did especially if you hear the sound of sweepstakes money!

Wishing you all the best,

Dave Sayer

Executive Director

PCH Prize Patrol

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