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Delivering Happiness — One Sweepstakes Winner at a Time

There’s a book called “Delivering Happiness” that’s been on The New York Times best seller list since June when it was published.  Its author, Tony Hsieh, was a co-founder of Link Exchange and current CEO of Zappos.  The companies were acquired by Microsoft and Amazon respectively – making Hsieh, already very successful, very rich.

It’s too bad the title “Delivering Happiness” is taken – because it would be an ideal title for a book about the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol.  I mean: is there any business operation that delivers happiness more deliriously and consistently than we do?   Sure, Dominos delivers pizza that can be very good – but a life-changing cause for celebration?  Hmmm.  Fed Ex and UPS deliver millions of parcels a year – but I don’t recall seeing Big Checks like ours.  The Internal Revenue Service delivers a lot of surprises – but they are not always what you’d call “happy.”

Yes indeed:  The Prize Patrol van delivers happiness.  Just ask any of our winners.  I’ve personally visited hundreds of them, and I haven’t come across an unhappy recipient yet.  When the lucky folks open the door and see us in our blue blazers with balloons, roses, video camera, champagne and – ta dah! – the Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars, the reaction is always one of supreme happiness.   They write us letters afterwards to thank us and tell us that their “winning moments” were the thrills of a lifetime.

Of course I’m not telling you something that you can’t already imagine.  You’re probably sitting there saying to yourself, “You bet I’d be happy!  You can ‘deliver happiness’ any time you want.  Here’s my address!”

So let’s get started without delay.  Just click here to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at, and — should you win — you’ll see for yourself that we “deliver happiness” — guaranteed.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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