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PCH Sweepstakes Winner to be Featured on TLC’s “The Lottery Changed My Life”

Imagine for a moment that you’re just sitting at home, thinking about your kids’ college tuition, the electric bill, the water bill, the mortgage, the lease on your car and the various other bills you’re expecting. All of a sudden, the doorbell rings… you take the time out of your busy thoughts to answer it, and standing before you is the famous PCH Prize Patrol holding champagne, roses, balloons and the famous giant check! Then you continue to imagine Dave’s familiar face as he announces that you’re the newest sweepstakes winner!

Only a handful of people ever get to experience the thrill of winning the lottery or a big sweepstakes, so TLC has created a show that features winners across the country, showing their lifestyles and what they’re doing with their winnings. The PCH Sweepstakes has changed many lives in its history, so it is only appropriate that TLC’s “The Lottery Changed My Life” is featuring PCH Sweepstakes winner, Natalie Bostelman!

What would you do if you won the PCH Sweepstakes? I think the most common thing someone would do is buy a new car, or pay off their mortgage. I personally would probably go to the animal shelter and walk away with a bunch of rescued dogs. Too many times have I been to an animal shelter and walked away on the verge of tears.

Make sure to tune in this Sunday, August 29 at 10 p.m. to find out what other big lotto and sweepstakes winners have done with their winnings including our very own Natalie Bostelman. And remember to keep entering the PCH sweepstakes. Who knows, you may be featured on “The Lottery Changed My Life” someday as well!


Liz D.
PCH Intern

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